Uncharted 2 special edition goes for $3,200 on Ebay

Ex: "Missed out on getting your hands on Uncharted 2: Honor Among Thieves' super special Fortune Hunter edition? Well, you're in luck! They're going on Ebay for the super low price of....$1,000 bucks?

As of this morning, one auction for Uncharted 2's special edition version (which includes the game, a limited edition box, and that super sweet dagger that people keep stealing from poor Mr. Drake) is currently selling for $1,026.00 with nine valid bids and three days still left on the auction.

The next best price is a whopping $3,200 bucks."

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vhero3035d ago

Amazing that people pay that kind of price but a real collector would never sell it. They deserve to burn.

Urmomlol3035d ago

Wow...I'd be in for one if I actually had any money. Wish Sony had hooked me up with one of those before.

3035d ago
lolcatz3034d ago

OMG I wish I had gotten one...would sell it in a heart beat lol