9.0 Super Street Fighter IV Review "Overall Super Street Fighter IV improves upon the original in every way, while at the same time taking the series in a very different direction. Catering to both casual and very serious fighting fans the game hits the mark perfectly, offering enough variety to persuade even the most die hard Street Fighter pessimist. Most importantly the game's online functionality is fantastic, with little to absolutely no delay occurring in fights that pit you against players from all over the world. The only major downside lies in the controller, which is completely subjective from person to person. In the end, fighting fans absolutely cannot miss this title and anyone who enjoys a bit of competition online should be right at home with Super Street Fighter IV."

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Selyah2945d ago

Sounds pretty good, wasn't all that interested in SFIV but this is sounding more appealing.

mephman2945d ago

Seems like they've made some fairly solid improvements - not simply just a re-hash.

Selyah2945d ago

Yeah that is actually what surprises me.

Sanrin2945d ago

The game is definitely much more fun to play now, compared to four at least.

mephman2945d ago

Kinda sucks that Tournament Mode is DLC, why couldn't they just include it in the game?

Sanrin2945d ago

It's true, that would be how they nickel and dime us

ceedubya92945d ago

To make sure that it is done properly. And it is free, so no big deal. So many new characters to test out in the meantime, so the wait is okay.

The Slash2945d ago

Never liked street fighter but I'm tempted to get the original version once SSFV comes out because of the price drop.

Kyll2945d ago

I might pick this up with my new PS3 >D (it died recently).

BX812945d ago

I love me some street fighter but I'm not as good as I was when I was younger. Is it me or does anyone else think they made dee jay's voice kinda cheesy?

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