Opinion: Final Fantasy XIII And The Cutscene's End Game

In a Gamasutra opinion piece, writer Andrew Vanden Bossche discusses the evolution of the Final Fantasy format to discover precisely why FFXIII is drawing criticism from so many fans.

When fans and media alike began to complain about how linear Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII was, I began to wonder if we talking about the same series. The shock horror with which the gaming public greeted the first revealed maps of the games made me wonder if it's been so long since the last Final Fantasy that we forgot how long it took to get off the training wheels (or out of Midgar).

The series, not to mention genre, is notorious for its ceaseless hand-holding, so if anything this design decision should be as unobtrusive as the removal of a vestigial limb.

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Colonel-Killzone2947d ago

I felt like there could have been more added to it honestly. I thought this was one of the shortest final fantasy games. I beat this game in about 25 hours including the Grinding. This game only takes long for new people but for the final fantasy veterans it was completely short as hell. However the battle system is amazing i just wish that when you switch your battle style they stop the stupid cut scenes with it. It really messes you up when the enemy can still do damage while they do this cut scene.