Bungie to work with Blizzard?

Bungie community director Brian Jarrard has said that the studio feels "very cool" about being stablemates with Blizzard - and has refused to rule out a potential collaboration.

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tripewire3034d ago

Were Bungie and Blizzard ever merged? If I remember correctly they were two of the only big Dev's that supported the Mac through MacOs 7/8 werent they? What were those games again?

Letros3034d ago

Marathon and Myth series were early Bungie games, I enjoyed Myth very much and hope they revisit it. Halo was actually a Mac only title in early development.

GiantEnemyCrab3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

So is CVG just going to repost every single interview that was already posted here and make a break out story about it?

Seriously.. Get some real new news.

Tdmd3034d ago

Does this means their next ip could be an rpg? If so, I'm loving the sound of that! =]

DarkSpawnClone3034d ago

jeez bungie is hot right now,every where i look everyone's talking about bungie in all the websites.there getting a lot of attention,what if bungie storys rofl