Monkey Island 2 Screenshots Depict Fortress

IncGamers has posted up a load of new Monkey Island 2: Special Edition screenshots, showing off LeChuck's fortress with both the classic art and the remastered HD art.

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Maticus3034d ago

Monkey Island simply rocks. Those screens are so atmospheric.

Djorgo3034d ago

Few games makes me so excited to see screenshots of! :)

Dorjan3034d ago

I love the art style for Monkey Island games :D

dj555555553034d ago

even though i know every millimeter of these games I cant wait to play them again. Anyone know if the Loom guy is still in the bar on the first game?

Dr-Zoidberg3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Wow looks awesome, it is great to see the point and click franchise getting a make over, I thought it was virtually dead and had been lost to small flash based internet games. I actually own most of the 2D point and clicks (not 3D they never felt right) and I remember playing Monkey Island 2 on Scummvm a few years ago and thinking how great the graphics are compared to the original, full of rich colours and I even thought they are pretty good for that franhcise today. Except when I saw these lol.

It is great to see them with a revamped style, what with Monkey Island 1 remake and the new episodes (don't like the 3d though), Beneath a Steel Sky, Broken Sword DC where will it stop? Never... I hope and it would be nice to see LucasArts or Revolution produce a new HD 2D point and click or at least a sequel, Broken Sword 5 anyone?. This is one of my all time favourite genres due to the nostalgia, comedy and atmosphere they bring and it is great it is back!