Vindictus Website Goes Live

IncGamers reports that Nexon has launched the new official website for its upcoming MMO, Vindictus.

The dark and blood-thirsty free-to-play game is a change from the usual titles we see from Nexon, which include Mabinogi and Maple Story. The website has game information such as gear customisation option, how to play efficiently as a party and the brutal physics of the game. You can also read up on the lore behind Vindictus, as well as the main characters, Lann and Fiona.

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AndyA3002d ago

Do Nexon do Combat Arms?

Maticus3002d ago

This looks amazing considering it's a free game. That usually puts me off but I'll be trying this one out. Nexon's other stuff is decent.

Fyzzu3002d ago

Whoa. Am I the only one reminded of Dragon Age, from some of those shots? And I have to admit I really like the character art style, too...

Gneh. This might actually be the first free-to-play MMO I actually spend time with.

Djorgo3002d ago

Cool, love bloody games :)

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