Dave Jones: 'You Could Play APB For Free'

NowGamer: Following the release date of Realtime Worlds' crime MMO, founder Dave Jones has explained the reasons behind the games pricing structure.

"We wanted to provide a simple and flexible way for occasional and core players alike to pay for their play without being financially tethered to the game," said Jones, adding that players could potentially play for free...

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rroded3002d ago

making gametime purchasable with ingame currency interesting tho the fees for making items or reselling used items seems more like a money grab....

so 10 bucks per month if u want unlimited play more if ya want some rtm ta spend.

darkmurder3002d ago

I like this idea, its also good if you play sporadically or just to test out whether you think the game is for you.

xabmol3002d ago

I like all the different options. Especially the one that lets you pay your subscription with in-game points.

I wonder what all there is to create and sell?

MajestieBeast3002d ago

The game isnt ready yet im in the beta and there are so many things to fix before june.

Brewski0073002d ago

Yup agree, theres alot for these guys to continue to do, but thank god for beta testing I guess. June ain't too far away now so heres hoping they get it all sorted.

Redempteur3002d ago

i can understand this take on online game ...but what do you do in APB ???

Does anyone has a gameplay video or something ?

Redempteur3002d ago

thanks for the vid but i'm not convinced least i got to see some gameplay ...