Persona 5's main character is an introvert

Scrawl: "The latest issue of Japan's Dengeki Magazine features a new interview where someone from the Atlus team decides they'd like to tease the next Persona."

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Chris3993028d ago

Next to a couple of MMOs/MMOish games - TERA, GW2 and WKC 2 - this is my most anticipated title of the next two years.

There hasn't been a single Persona game that has disappointed yet. And they haven't run the series into the ground or destroyed what made it great (see FFXIII, for examples on how to ruin a classic formula).

Simon_Brezhnev3028d ago

Yeah im with you im waiting on TERA, The Witcher 2, and Blade and Soul for RPGS/MMOS.

Reibooi3028d ago

Ok this does indeed sound interesting.

More interesting then the character is the mention of Aegis being in the game. This could end up being a full sequel to P3(While Persona 4 was a sequel in the same world it didn't follow the same story or characters).

The other interesting this is it says Aegis BEFORE Persona 3 Fes. So does this game take place after the events of Persona 3 but before the events of Fes? Being that it came from a Japanese magazine there is ALWAYS the chance for bad translation in fact I really would not be surprised that this all was bad translation. However it's exciting nonetheless and I can't wait to hear more.

Redempteur3027d ago


you DO know there is already a game with aegis with events BEFORE those of persona 3 ?

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Xof3028d ago

Gotta say, I think I'd prefer a fully "new" game. MC aside, that'd mean no-Aigis.

Still, as long as it's on PS3, I'd have no problem. It's been far too long a wait for a current-gen SMT game.

miyakoS3028d ago

Persona 3's Minato comes back! Kyaaaaa!


anyway, seems like Persona game dynamics are gonna change if the main character is cast as an introvert. Can't exactly be an introvert when you're leveling up those social links, right?

Leathersoup3028d ago

Are they going to force the player to act as an introvert? Is there a little meter that says, "I've had too much interaction with other people today, I need to unwind and process?"

Tony P3027d ago

I was kind of wondering about this. I've never felt like the main character was anything but a template for the player, kind of WRPG style. Does that mean the main character will be greatly predefined this time? That would suck.

Gun_Senshi3028d ago

omgomgomgomgomgomgomgogmomgomg ogmogmomg

*dies from excitment*

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The story is too old to be commented.