IncGamers - Six Days in Fallujah Could Be First In Series

IncGamers has learnt that Six Days in Fallujah might be the first of many games which tells the stories of the troops on the ground.

Atomic Games president, Peter Tamte, has said that the developer has been approached by different armed forces services from around the world.

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Djorgo2915d ago

More controversy in a series. On a principal level, I am more than up for that!

Fyzzu2915d ago

Interesting. I'd love to see more games built like this - based around diaries and first-hand experiences. I suspect it's going to be an amazing way to experience events.

Cogo2915d ago

How many games can you really make that way though?

Djorgo2915d ago

Are you kidding? There's LOADS of little conflicts that would fit nicely into a one game bitesize!

Maticus2915d ago

I guess the success of the first one dictates whether the others will be made.

Recka2915d ago

Controversy = free publicity, the more controversial the sequels, the higher the chance they will sell

Hill_billy2915d ago

ANd it sold like poop on a stick. I am skeptical of this game not for the story but more for the gameplay and graphics. If it sucks all around then no matter how controversial it is, the game will tank like all other mediocre games.

AndyA2915d ago

Agreed but there's a point where controversy becomes harmful. When certain countries refuse to release a game, it's obviously going to harm revenues.

Cogo2915d ago

If the sales are not good enough in the first one, forget about it. :P

OTOH, if it's a massive success, they will want to milk that cash cow...

moondragon2915d ago

now the news sites can write about something

Malfurion2915d ago

The level of involvement from real troops says to me that this should be a quality title. I'm very hopeful for more.

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