Bungie 'good fit' to replace Infinity Ward

CVG: Activision's new friend, Halo developer Bungie, would be a 'good fit' to replace Infinity Ward as the company's big-hitting FPS studio.

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What Would Kratos Do2882d ago

Imagine COD with Forge or Video replays.

RadientFlux2882d ago

I doubt Bungie would have signed a publishing agreement with Activision just to work on Call of Duty.

If anything I think there new game is an MMO. As it would explain why Microsoft passed on publishing it themselves (as they do have first-refusal rights). Since Microsoft doesn't have a good track history with publishing MMOs.

piroh2882d ago

Activision - they have new flag-ship developer who will make them millions
Bungie - they stay independent and they have absolutely freedom with unlimited money budget
Sony - they have everything

Dellis2882d ago

They need to let Bungie make the next MW game, after the next IP

Activision could merge Bungie with that new studio and make a crazy

MW game, probably call it "COD:Future Warefare"