Bungie 'bit off a little more than it could chew' on PlayStation

A lot of people seem to be forgetting something – Bungie's made a PlayStation game before.

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ZombieAutopsy2948d ago

I thought Rockstar did the port to the ps2.

Cdaja2948d ago

You're right. Rockstar Toronto did the PS2 port.

hay2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Yeah, Rockstar did port it and if I recall properly, they bought rights to Oni some years ago.

Also, Oni is one of my all-time favourites with perfect fighting system(incredibly technical which rewarded clever play, not button mashing) so that means article failed twice.

@below:I don't listen to reviews. I talked with people who have enough brain to think for themselves and they loved the game. Environments were a bit bland, but combat system was perfect and storyline(if you actually followed it) was better than most games have today.

Alcon Caper2948d ago

Oni was the most boring bland one dimensional pseudo anime third person fighter i've ever played.. all reviews will say the same

gamesmaster2948d ago

If you're getting into game journalism do some research before you write an article, so unprofessional..

vhero2948d ago

I agree so unprofessional so write an article Bungie never actually worked on the PS2 version Rockstar ported it..

darkmurder2948d ago

1. Write retarded article
2. Try annoy fanboys by posting false uneducated information
3. ????
4. Profit

SaiyanFury2948d ago

I guess I was one of the few that really enjoyed this niche game on PS2. It also came out on PC, but coming much later to PC gaming I was never able to get the sound to work. :P

Cevapi882948d ago

why o why Rockstar?? i bet that this game sold a couple of copies just because of having Rockstar on the cover

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mcgrawgamer2948d ago

LOL another article on N4G where they i.e the site hasn't done their homework. What ever happened to journalistic integrity?

BeaArthur2948d ago

I guess you have to consider the source. I have never heard of this site, case and point.

BannedForNineYears2948d ago

They can just ask Sony/NaughtyDog/Insomniac for help :)

koehler832948d ago

Not only are they wrong, but they contend that developing on PS2 and PS3 are tantamount to the same thing.

Ask Free Radical (now Crytek UK) if PS2 experience equates to PS3 success.

2948d ago
Jab-dees-nuts2948d ago

wether they worked for ps before or not....IT WAS FOR PS2...NOT PS3
think its safe to say there has been new talent, new hardware, spftware, and technology so that they can make a better game than the one the poor excuse for journalist used.

Elven62948d ago

It would be relavent if it was actually Bungie who made the PS2 version of Oni, they only made the PC title, Rockstar Toronto did the PS2 port.

Regardless, your port will only go as far as the game, I haven't played Oni so it's not a knock against the game, just the logic some people use like in this article.

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The story is too old to be commented.