SCEE reveals Playstation Store plans for E3

Mike Kebby comments about SCEE's plans, such as the frequency of the updates and what type of content to expect, for the European Playstation Store during E3 2010.

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Hill_billy3028d ago

Whatever happened to the idea that we would be able to go into HOME and see the presentations first hand at a stage setup like the real E3 using our avatars? Does anybody else remember when it was said this was possible? I would love to do this and heck, I am not even an avid HOME user.

Redempteur3028d ago

it's not the same thing ...
they talk about the store ..home is a different beast... and i recall that we were able to watch the conference in HOME last year in the podium area ....
What do you want ? Live presentation in home ?that's is kinda impossible

The Wood3028d ago

not seeing what the hold up is but im sure they'd do it if they could

Hideo_Kojima3028d ago

Why would it be impossible?
Many companies stream E3 live through web browsers would it be possible to use the same technique to stream it into a screen in home?

Even gametrailers had a stream :/

If they do it it will be awesome.

Redempteur3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Right now the HOME client doesn't support live streaming ..
Simple as that ..and implementing it is ..easy if it were a normal web based client , but home has more ressourcesto handle and just a video .. if a working method was in HOME we would have live show in the theater AND/or Tv in our personal spaces already ...

comparing web broswer to home is ridiculous ..there are so different ...

bear in mind these two points :

- home was updated once to support streaming video ( not live ) so they can update it when a working solution is found
- They have to provide a service working for exeryone .. and that's something even web broswers can not do ..During E3, these streams are overcharged.. leading to disconnection and loss of stream i'm pretty sure they want to avoid that .. ( live stream for everyone in home ? without crashing ? good luck )

ChronoJoe3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

This worked, last year. E3 was streamed onto home, I was there, we watched the 2hour presentation with a group of like 100 people.

It wasn't exactly live though, it was ~1hour delayed.

I believe they also did the same thing with the Tokyo game show in the closed beta.

Maybe cause you guys didn't go to the Playstation podium to watch it? I think that's the only screen it's on, it's the largest screen too, the rest just loop adverts.

There's also no difference between a live stream and a regular one, it's still streamed in the same manner.

WhittO3028d ago

They usually post the conference in HD and it is so much better than streaming on the comp where most streams are down/buffering! But its too long to wait

I think (HOPE) the Playstation blog will host a stream this E3 like they did for the Move presentation thing last month, thought it was loads more stable than most other streams.

Heres what im hoping for this E3:

Killzone 3 IN-GAME trailer (will blow people away), Resistance 3 trailer and a PSN update.

rockleex3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

It will allow the PSN community to come together. People will be able to ask for help on certain games and get responses instantaneously. Among other things.

Also integrate XMB with the Playstation Blog somehow. That way we can get all the newest information from the PS Blog directly on the XMB menus.

Kind of like a more advanced version of the "What's New" tab, or maybe more like the PS Store's interface.

Display Trophy level on each gamer profile without having to open it up first. That way gamers will be more competitive. Leaderboards.

I got plenty more ideas that can bring the PSN community closer together.

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mcgrawgamer3028d ago

@hillbilly talk about a way to get users to buy into Home. That was the ONLY intriguing thing they said about Home that made me want to experience it. They did have their E3 presser in Home last year but it wasn't a live stream it was posted directly after live conference ended. Still it would be cool to be able to see the conference and they have Home Mall or whatever it's called set up like their E3 booth and you could launch and play a demo of all the games on the show floor. That would be pretty nice.

SuperStrokey11233028d ago

I hope they stream it live, is the schedule for E3 up already so i know when to watch which conference?

washingmachine3028d ago

hope they have plans to let loose just as much psp content on psn as the other countries,cause uk has gotten left out.

Tone3027d ago

Just the usual mate.. UK always gets left trailing and i don't understand as games companies make a fortune from the UK.

3027d ago