Man Dominates Bejeweled 2 for Three Years, Breaks the Game

2,200 hours, spread across three years, earned Mike Leyde the world's first perfect game of Bejeweled 2. He actually found out how high the game could count (2,147,783,647). Was this hardcore or casual?

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bmw692944d ago

Hardcore casual at its finest :-)

Claudinho692944d ago

in other related news, this guy is a virgin

El_Colombiano2944d ago

Or such a pimp that all he has to do is play Bejeweled all day while having s*x with multiple women on his bed made of $100's. Just saying.

Rubang2944d ago

I never thought I'd hear somebody who's been married for 30 years and has 3 kids get called a virgin on the internet. That's kind of neat actually.

DlocDaBudSmoka2944d ago

some ppl can be complete morons. not naming any names, but it you feel offended by this. well...good.