Devil May Cry 4 demo coming for Xbox 360, PS3 not certain

IGN reports that Capcom announced that a Devil May Cry 4 demo will be released for Xbox 360 sometime before the game is releasing. The demo that is shown at E3 is completely the same that was shown for the first time in April, so no real new footage of Devil May Cry 4 is expected.

Capcom will be releasing an Xbox 360 demo sometime before the game releases. Capcom is also 'considering' a demo for the Playstation Network, but nothing is certain. A demo for PC is not mentioned. The demo will probably be the same as the E3 demo that is shown in Santa Monica.

More great news about Devil May Cry 4 as Capcom will be showing new levels of Devil May Cry 4 at the coming Game Convention or Tokyo Games Show events. The next demo will also be running on Xbox 360 hardware, in stead of the PS3 hardware where the first demo ran on. A releasedate for the demo or full version of Devil May Cry 4 haven't been given.

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highps33936d ago

Think im going to pass as well. Whats the point, frankly there are better looks games out there now a days.

Enjoy it xbox fans

Marceles3936d ago

lol...I swear Capcom hates playstation

MADGameR3936d ago

MS slips in some cash for Capcom to make the demo first on 360.

Hayabusa 1173935d ago

This game used to be on every PS3 owner's "list of games that pwn the 360". The irony's actually quite funny.

Kleptic3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Some peeps are going to flip out again...

I own a PS3, and not a 360, and never cared for the originals...I still own the first one...and its merely ok to me...didn't like the rest of them...

are any MS guys interested in this? I don't know why some many people made such a big deal out of it...there are TONS of action games that look way more fun to me...I understand that PS3 fanboys would use this game as ammo as to what the ps3 could do before it was announced for the 360 also...but I sure was not one of them...

Says a lot for Capcom though...they have just been slowly twisting the knife for the Sony and DMC fans...first it was "well it will look better on the PS3 because the entire engine was built around its architecture"...then it was "DMC 4 will look identical on all platforms"...and now its "The PS3, which bascially makes up the entire fanbase from the original, may or may not get a demo" it will be "the PS3 version has been delayed indefinitely"...

I don't care...I am just waiting for RE5 from capcom...thats it for me...

ArduousAndy3936d ago

i'll check the demo. However from what I have seen in the video it looks ok.
If anything its a rental.

Geohound3936d ago

"are any MS guys interested in this?"

Owners of the Xbox 360 are not MS guys. They are gamers. Your question should read:

"are any gamers interested in this?"

I don't think that question needs to be answered.

Kleptic3936d ago

haha thank you for that useless clarification...

by "MS guys"...I meant "gamers" that own a 360...I already know the answer for the "Sony guys" (and by that I mean "gamers" that own a case you were still sitting in the slow seat)...

I wasn't attacking anyone...and I wasn't taking sides console wise...I simply meant if any 360 owning/PS3 lacking people were actually considering this game...But I like your faith in that all 360 owners are simply gamers...and never pick sides or criticize other platforms...We both know perfectly well that all platforms have annoying people that are obsessed with it...

ArduousAndy3936d ago

dont worry dude im an xbox 360 guy and i didnt take your comment as an attack. Again if you want when the demo is released just PM me and I'll tell you what I thought.

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No1080ptvonthemarket3936d ago

The series was mediocre and now the sales will be.

the_round_peg3936d ago

Metal Gear Solid (MGS)
Final Fantasy (FF)
Devil May Cry (DMC)

So now DMC sucks because it's coming to Xbox?

kornbeaner3936d ago

is a franchise that has links with the PS2 and Sony for that matter but to put DMC in the top 3 is way off. I think Gran Turismo belongs up there before DMC, even GTA has more right to be up there then both.

DMC might be in the top 10 but not in the top 5. IMO

AznSniper3936d ago

No, it sucks because Capcom is paying more attention to the Xbox base than the Playstation base where most of the fanbase is. That's why it sucks now.

SimmoUK3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Not at all I don't think it sucks and i will be sampling it, but it looks nothing special to what is coming out and that has been obvious for about a year, if your a ps3 fan or an xbox fan this game isn't anything special in my opinion Capcom must of got cumpfy, although there has been some glimmers of hope on the gameplay say some...

Odion3936d ago

the xbox is coming back CHEW CHEW

ps3FTW3936d ago

Xbox1 got it's ass kicked by ps2 so how could it be coming back?

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