Rumor: Sony to show Android TVs at Google I/O in May

Sony's planned Google TVs will show their faces next month, a leak said Thursday. Sets and other "home entertainment devices" based on the platform are expected to show at Google's I/O conference, which starts May 19th. They will use Android but should run on a customized version codenamed "Dragonpoint," according to the multiple sources.

What that entails wasn't stated by Bloomberg, but previous rumors have pointed to the mobile OS using a full Chrome web browser instead of Android's stripped-down framework. Intel is also supposed to be providing a customized version of an Atom chip, although this may simply be Tunnel Creek or another variant of its embedded, all-in-one chips.

Logitech is already known to have been making a hybrid keyboard and remote, though it's unsaid if this would be just for Sony or for all Google TV hardware.

As expected, none of the involved companies have agreed to comment on the apparent leaks.

If true, the Sony hardware would mark Google's first real attempt to influence the living room outside of ads and would be a challenge to the models adopted by Apple, Roku and even TiVo. Many so far depend on either accessing either offline content or proprietary clients for services like Netflix. Google TV would emphasize the web and would court the existing TV infrastructure without necessarily replacing existing set-top boxes and DVRs.

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