Missing Shogi from Yakuza 3? Try Shogidokoro

It's a well known fact that several pieces of content have been cut from the western editions of Yakuza 3. Shogi, the ancient Japanese variant of Chess, is one of the missing minigames. Gamers in search of a real challenge for their brains will find it in a neat free downloadable program named Shogidokoro.

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ClownBelt2917d ago

Yeah I hope they've remove Mahjong and Koi koi as well. I played the game and didn't even bother playing those mini games since I had no idea how to play it. Lmao

Abriael2917d ago

They did, but I don't see why you're "hoping" that they removed them. You might not enjoy them, but there are lots of people that do. More content is always better than less content, and cutting content is ALWAYS unacceptable.

ClownBelt2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

I disagree. There are things that needs to be cut in the game. The quiz for example, we don't know those Japanese trivia, so it's a great move from Sega to cut it. Do you know that in order to get the Platinum for Yakuza you need to play all of these mini games and earn enough points? If you go to a Yakuza board in Gamefaqs, you'll see a lot of people asking for help because of these mini games.

They need to be cut. The majority of the players in NA don't know how to play those.

Abriael2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

so basically they need to cut content because you don't wanna bother actually completing the game but you still want a platinum trophy?

Learning Shogi and Mahjong well enough to beat the quests has always been much easier than some of the hardest minigames like the baseball or the slots based ones.

As for the quiz, this is the funniest of them all, as a quick search on wikipedia would make it easy even for the ones that maybe would do better studying a tad more.

Worse coming to worst, they could have just removed the trophies but left the content in, to appease the lazy ones that want the big bad trophy without a tad of effort, but allowing people that want to enjoy ALL the content (since they paid the full price) to do just that.

This, of course, not even considering the insane difficulty involved in getting most platinum trophies in most PS3 games, compared to which learning to play Shogi and Mahjong at a basic level (you don't really need more) is a breeze AND educational.

Encouraging a software house to cut content because YOU don't enjoy it is as silly as it gets. If the majority of players in NA don't know how to play them, maybe it's a good chance for them to larn something.

Careful with giving software houses the impression that it's ok to cut any content from games when localizing. Next time they could cut some of the things YOU enjoy.

ClownBelt2917d ago

Those content are not needed considering(like I said already, unless you're too blind to read it or even see it) the majority of the players in NA don't know that. Got it or are you going for selective reading again?

I play the game to have fun, not to go online and check every FAQs in the net for help.

I don't have time learning all these Japanese games just to get the completion of 1 mini game when I can just put my time on some other FUN games.

It seems I touch someone's nerve. lol

Chadness2917d ago

Except, it isn't an American game, it's Japanese. There are plenty things still in it that Americans don't "get", but they didn't cut those. This goes for just about any game that is heavily influenced by Japanese culture. The trophies could have always been changed.

Abriael2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

So basically you're saying that software houses can cut basically everything in a game as long as people don't know about that feature, uh? That's as laughable as it gets.

Those games are very fun, just for the record, and as you can notice by reading the same threads you cite, there are many people that have fun with them.
If you don't want to play them, don't. It's not doctor's order for you to get a platinum trophy. Or you're telling me that you can't enjoy a game unless you get that (without any effort)?

Cutting content from games remain unacceptable.

ClownBelt2917d ago

It feels to me like you don't like reading. I'm not gonna state what I said multiple times already. Figure it out.

" Or you're telling me that you can't enjoy a game unless you get that (without any effort)? "

There's a difference between getting the game's trophy with skill and getting the game's trophy based on luck. The majority of Yakuza's mini game are all based on luck. Maybe you should learn the difference?

Someone can't accept another's opinion about the matter. Sigh N4G at its finest.

Abriael2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Based on luck? So you're telling me that Shogi and Mahjong are based on luck?
Funny since they are both STRATEGY games.
Maybe you should learn the difference between LUCK and STRATEGY? :D

The only trophies based on luck are those about western-like casino gambling (which is still in the game, and can be easily won with the right betting strategy) and fishing (which is still in the game).

Go on mate, you're getting more and more hilarious. Grasping at straws at it's best.

If you expect actual gamers to accept the "opinion" that a game should be cut, without discussing it, I'm afraid you're delusional.

SaiyanFury2917d ago

I find it funny that SEGA left in Cho-han, and Chinchirorin (cee-lo in Yakuza 3) the bowl/triple-dice game, yet took out Shogi. SEGA are indeed a quizzical bunch. I would've just left Shogi in. I love all those games. I even play Chinchirorin with my wife and friends in real life. :P

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