Activision and Bungie: A Match Made In Hell?

Ironstar: The internet has been on fire all day over the news of Bungie and Activision's newly formed decade long partnership. Many are celebrating the fact that Bungie has decided to expand their horizons. Others resent the fact that they've decided to do a deal with the far less than fan favorite publishers, Activision.

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vgchica3029d ago

Is anyone sick of these Bungie and Activision articles yet?

WildArmed3029d ago

Yeah, about 5 articles before this one.

Hill_billy3029d ago

But then again, I don't click on every single one. As for the article, I too am a bit disappointed in Bungie but have faith they will make a great game and retain their already spectacular reputation. Let's be honest here, they have made a heck of a game that many fans enjoy and I am sure they will continue to do just that. I am glad to see them possibly go multiplatform but I hope that it does not put too much pressure on them to develop cookie cutter games and that they focus on the good game play they have been privy to for years.

HolyOrangeCows3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Activision and Bungie: A combination that could create the ultimate DLC rip off(s).

They're both known for selling maps and making restrictions for those who don't buy them (Halo: Big Team Battle locked off if you don't buy certain DLC, COD: screws with matchmaking, kicks you if you don't have maps (At least in COD4)). Not to mention, all of the "sequels" they've both made. Put the two together, and they'll certainly be happily causing wallets to implode.

Heck, they pretty much deserve each other.

BeaArthur3029d ago

vgchica...Yes, but not necessarily the topic. More so the crappy articles that keep being written about it.

Inside_out3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

What's gonna happen when Activision wants the game released on Activisions schedule...Hmmmm....that's what lead to the exchange of words between M$ and Bungie....Gates wanted Halo 3 for 360 launch...Bungie said no...we all know what happen next...

Halo 4 already in production....There will be a Halo game when the next Xbox comes out at launch...Same for Gears and Fable...New console in 2012 to go with the Mayan calender...2012 gonna be a busy year with the world ending and everything...LMFAO....Many rumors about Gearbox making a halo game a couple of years ago....Hmmmm...

Bungie probably gonna take ten yrs to make a game....the pressure is on...lets see how they do, shall we....

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spektical3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

I think Bungie signed a deal with the devil. However, Bungie is smart enough to traverse through the dangerous waters that are Activision, and maybe they can pull out a huge winner.

WildArmed3029d ago

Bungie just got out of MS's wings.
So i'm pretty sure they aren't going to jump off and get caught into a bad deal.

bungie is a big dev, and doubt they'll be shafted.
Best wishes to them.
I want to see what all those years of Halo have taught them.. and what they would do different if they could create halo from scratch.. (hence the new IP)

FanOfGaming3029d ago

Lets hope so, at least for Bungie's sake...

Rhythmattic3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

I reckon we are gonna see 10 Bungie games over 10 years (not likely - of course) ..... BUT , I betcha, thats what Activision want.....

Fanb0y3029d ago

Bungie-Activision relations will probably be similar to Blizzard-Activision. Nothing to worry about here. Bungie owns all IP they create anyways.

corneliuscrust3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

well for infinity ward.

Activision moves on to its next prey. Infinity ward members had nothing but terrible things to say about how activision tied their hands behind their back creativity wise

I really hope bungie holds their own and when it comes to creative conflicts, tells activision where the fck it can go.

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djsean3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

That image is awesome.

Gun_Senshi3029d ago

Activision ruins everything it touches.

ReBurn3029d ago

Oh look. Yet another Bungie/Activision article. This Bungie/Activision deal is getting to be so boring.

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