Beefjack: Backbreaker Interview

Beefjack Writes: Backbreaker is a unique sports title as it hopes to revolutionize the genre by implementing NaturalMotion's Euphoria technology to completely change the way we play the game. In a nutshell, the Euphoria animation system allows each part of each object in a game to respond in a physically accurate way to the conditions around it. As such, no animation is ever the same. Nothing is pre-rendered. Everything is being constantly calculated and updated behind the scenes, and what you see is the direct result of the circumstances on the screen. Putting this into play on the football field is an intriguing idea, and as such, Beefjack has gotten together via e-mail with 505 Games and NaturalMotion. In the end, Torsten Reil, CEO at NaturalMotion Studios answered our questions:

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nkakolowski3031d ago

This title could really end up changing the way we play sports games from this point forward. I'm really excited about the hint that NaturalMotion could have plans to work on other sports games with Euphoria. Imagine what they could do with Hockey, Soccer, Baseball etc.

lokiroo4203031d ago

Been waiting for more on this game, madden has been dead to me for years now.

mrwiggles3031d ago

I'd not heard of this before. Looks really interesting and I'm not even an American football fan!

Will be great to see how this works