The world needs to stop revolving around protagonists

Destructoid: Videogames are intimately familiar with the concept of the hero; Games seem built for protagonists, with worlds pieced together and relationships formed to benefit the hero's journey.

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Walrus3035d ago

God of War comes to mind...

Chris3993035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

One man against an army of vicious space tyrants, really? Killzone 2, ME: 1/2, Uncharted, Mario, every video-game every made really. They all have these seemingly invincible protagonists who conquer insurmountable odds.

It would be nice - and refreshing - to see several non demi-god like heroes bumbling their way through a narrative. Like a novel really. In a good novel, nothing is really black and white and not everyone (especially characters that you invest in) make it out whole.

Video-games are still very formulaic as games are a relavitely new artistic medium (whatever Ebert). I am confident that they will improve over time once artists stop fussing with the tech, the tools (as it can only get so advanced before no one cares) and focus on the narrative.