Can Bungie Surpass God Of War 3 Using PS3? Sources Say _____

Bungie is one of the Elite game development companies in our industry and now the challenge has raised up to a new level. There's a ton of exclusives on the PS3 and God Of War 3 is leading the pack with incredible game quality.

Bungie is now in the drivers seat to not only show their fans but prove to themselves that on this platform just like the 360 we can be ground breaking and according to some sources they are ready to bring you a new IP that will leave your jaw literally on the floor

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Lou-Cipher3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

They cant even match the Quality of most Multiplatform games on the 360. How are they going to match PS3's exclusive games?

They built a brand new engine for Halo Reach from the ground up that was supposed to max out the 360's hardware, and Halo Reach hasn't even matched the quality of Gears 1, so how on earth can you even mention Bungie with the likes of Sony Santa Monica & Company?

Halo has sold a ton because of a $25 Million Advertising budget, not because they are making games with an extreme quality like BioWare/Naughty Dog/Sony Santa Monica.

Bungie has some talent, but they have a long way to go before they are even mentioned with above developers.

Simon_Brezhnev3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

i cant help but laugh this time. im with with kaveti6616 they cant even max out 360 lmao

prime example of delusional fanboy

i3eyond the Circle3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

^^^^ You're a simpleton who thinks that quality revolves around graphics.

Have you seen or at least read any of the features of Halo Reach?

4 Player Co Op
Split Screen
Map Editor, Theatre Mode

That's just off the head.

Not one of your precious ps3 exclusives come close to any REAL concrete gaming improvements other than graphics.

KZ2 has good graphics, no split screen and a hardly varied multiplayer with little to no customization...where is the QUALITY at other than graphics?

MAG has more quality than KZ2.

EDIT:A side scroller....really?

3001d ago
HolyOrangeCows3001d ago

Bungie can't even manage to optimize a game on the "easier" to develop for platform for native 720p or AA.

So will they be able to surpass GOW3 with a multiplatform game? No.
Either they don't have the talent or they're too lazy to optimize their games/engines.

Lou-Cipher3001d ago

A games quality doesn't only revolve around a games graphics.

The only Value of Halo 2/Halo3/Halo ODST was the multiplayer. The singleplayer was mediocre, and barely thrown together. The Halo franchise has alot of quality, but it also lacks way too much quality to be in a league of MGS4's, or GoW III's, or Uncharted 2's ect ect.

Like I said

Bungie is a good developer, but far from an extraordinary developer.

N4BmpS3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

I hope you know what you said was basically a double standard as I see it. Bungie hasn't done anything overly innovative since Halo 2. And you claime that the PS3 doesn't have any gaming improvements, not valid. Demon Souls, and LBP very innovative titles Uncharted 2 did nothing new but it showed devs that when you add a bunch of stuff together it can still play near seamlessly.

I love and respect Bungie but I think you should check your fanboy ego at the door and come with some facts that are reputable, valid and respectable.

3001d ago
ape0073001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

what a puzzling headline, gow 3 and halo are entirely different games, different minds, different gameplay, different GENRES, different worlds, different characters, different approaches, halo got multiplayer, gow got epic boss battles, I mean there are no relationship between those 2 games, you can say, "can saints row 3 surpass gta in quality" is fair enough but saying bungie+ps3+gow3+better than reach in one article is ridiculous

what do you mean with game quality???, I finished gow3 and the gfx are amazing, the gameplay is smother than ever but the gameplay is the exact same as gow1 and 2, the animations the gameplay parts, the actual collision detection, the same camera angles and overall-style, it felt like resi 5 to 4 or halo 3 to 2(IN GAMEPLAY) except halo 3 and resi 5 were disappointing imo, gow 3 is an epic beast

I haven't played reach but judging from what I've seen, halo reach is much more revolutionary than gow 3, halo reach is next gen from inside and outside it has new world, new settings and most importantly new gameplay ,etc.......

I really don't understand what you mean with quality hhg, im sorry but that is totally confusing man

ryano232773001d ago

My exact thoughts as well.

@ i3eyond - I found the best quality in KZ2 to be how it rewarded skill rather than time.

You had to get X amount of headshots each match (5 I believe) to get a ribbon, 8 ribbons got a medal and now every headshot would be worth 3 points rather than 1.

That was for alot of different categories.

Method3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

I will cut off my left nut if Bungie ever manage to make a game that plays and looks even half as good as Sony Santa Monica/Naughty Dog/Bioware's latest games.

Luckily Bungie don't have that kind of godlike talent so I can keep my testicles.

BkaY3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

i honestly dont know what to say... this dude makes you speechless... in a stupid way...


sak5003001d ago


100% agree with you +bubbles.. I've been calling these lazy @$$ people for just riding the buz of halo1 and did nothing except adding few MP modes over last 5~6 years. They have been using the same assets from original xbox game till at least ODST. I've never been fan of halo as i was prob above their target of teens. I loved the BF series on PC starting from 2001 and for me an FPS with cartoonish characters didnt' seem that interesting. Maybe to fps starved console gamers this was the biggest game ever but us pc gamers have had tons of good fps over the years. Half life, doom, quake, wofenstein games which were made before most of the halo fans were even going to school.

Anyway as you mentioned they cou'dnt even provide decent visual experice on 360 on which they had so much experiece let alone ps3 a notoriously difficult thing to program for.

Maybe all they will be able to churn out would be xblive or psn games.

good luck bungie u'll need it and dont spend all your money yet.

SuperM3001d ago

Halo:Reach looks way better then gears of war. Its certainly the best looking 360 exclusive ive seen. If it was a PS3 exclusive id still be very satisfied with the graphics. The lighting and effects are really good. Beat god of war? I dont think so. But you never really know

zoks3103001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

1. Bungie is a one trick pony, they have done nothing but Halo for the past 10 years.

2. Activision will have to allow Bungie to make the game exclusive to the PS3 in order for Bungie to make it take full advantage of the PS3, and we all know that Activision wont allow that. Activision wont let one product on 2 different consoles outshine the other, the 360 will act as the max that Bungie will be able to achieve on the PS3.

3. Naughty Dog and Santa Monica Studios have been working on the PS3 for years now which is the reason why their IP's look and play so well on the PS3. I doubt that Bungie and Activision can do what ND and Santa Monica did in less time all while on a multiplatform budget.

That's not to say that Bungie's new IP wont be a sales beast or fun, I think it will be all those things, both fun online and sales like crazy, but to say it will have the quality of Sony's first party development? Nononononooooooo..... Sony have that department lock down tight.

Redrum0593001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Bungie to surpass a ps3 first party dev. Srry, but I would prefer to leave the quality games to the quality devs(Sony first party), and the hyped overly advertised games to the money hungry impatient devs.
$60 for ODST speaks for itself.

RememberThe3573001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

But I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't care. Reach looks great and thats all I want. Not every game has to look like Killzone 2.

And comparing God of War to what is probably going to be a FPS the standard is a little difficult. Comparing a TPS to a FPS is hard enough but comparing a game like God of War to a FPS is even harder.

GoW3's graphical spender comes from how sharp it looks while also being insanely epic. By zooming the camera in a time they showed that the engine is amazing but their focus was obviously on making the most epic visuals ever. I still think that Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, and God of War 3 all do certain things better than each other, but I also have to assume that is because the teams had to focus on what exactly they wanted to accomplish visually.

But I wouldn't put anything past Bungie. I haven't been the biggest fan of the Halo franchise but that's also because I felt like Bungie got lazy. This time around they are going to have to prove themselves. And frankly, I hope they blow us all way.

Meryl3001d ago

actually i3eyond the Circle - uncharted 2 had most of the features of halo for the multiplayer, plus we all know how much better the graphics are on u2 and how much more goes on in u2, try to flame again elsewhere

vhero3001d ago

Oh dear... HHG... Enough said..

EVILDEAD3603001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Could Santa Monica pull off Halo Reach on the PS3? NOPE...

Are we really comparing scripted single player adventure games to First Person Shooters with the best multi-player out there??

Look we get it..we all love God of War 3..yup Uncharted 2 is like 8-9 months old and it's still a graphic phenom..but stop the laughable blanket comparison 9even graphically) to other games..

Did we see HHG make ONE article title 'M.A.G.'s graphics don't come close to God of War 3'? In fact..HHG was one of Bungie and Halo's biggest bashers..he even bashed ODST and had never even played forward to Multi-Plat announcement and 'Bungie is one of the Elite game development companies in our industry'

Try and find one person on Monday when the Halo Reach beta drop asking out loud..'Man I really wish this was Kratos and instead of killing people with my Battle Rifle..I actually had a scripted Q T E event and ripped his head off..

Why do PS3-only fans get up in arms when a site makes an article saying 'Battlefield: BC2 is blatantly better than Heavy Rain' but it ok for the same type silly type comparisons when we have Halo..

Bottomline..The fans arent stupid..God of War 3 and Santa Monica are the best at what they do..Bungie is the BEST at what it does..NO FPS console shooter franchise has topped the Halo Legacy on Consoles..period

So unless Bungie announces a new IP called 'Dante's Raider' then none of this matters..


Hill_billy3001d ago

They have not really been known for graphics, especially the level of graphics that GOWIII possesses. Tot hat however I say that Bungie is one of the greatest multiplayer developers ever to grace the consoles so in the end, this article is trash since both companies and games respectively should not even be compared.

DaTruth3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Comment moved to below for more sense.

BloodyNapkin3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

"Halo has sold a ton because of a $25 Million Advertising budget, not because they are making games with an extreme quality like BioWare/Naughty Dog/Sony Santa Monica."

Really? You mean to tell me that to this day millions of people play Halo online everyday is cause of a advertising budget. My god i had no clue. You are probably right cause, the ps3 exclusives do not advertise and there is hardly anyone online playing games. We live in sad times when a tool like this can have 8 bubbles and 32 agrees.


Here is something when all those studios combine can get as many people playing online just in a single day as Bungie does, then come talk to me ok.

Delive3001d ago

Can they match it graphically? I doubt it, Bungie's recent success has not been based on graphics, so I don't know if that is a priority.

Can they match th equality of gameplay and overall fun? Maybe. Bungie has a strong fanbase. A high percentage based off the Halo name, but also because of the fun they had with previous games. They have deserved their stature as far as their name goes, but I will be curious to see if the Multiplatform quality is that of ODST (low) or will they hold themselves to a high standard.

amogrr3001d ago

@i3eyond the Circle
"4 Player Co Op
Split Screen
Map Editor, Theatre Mode
Vehicles "

Vehicles. No sh*t. REALLY? Reach is really going revolutionize the gaming industry. Wow!

sikbeta3001d ago

Multiplat Games will never look better than First Party Titles...

Lou-Cipher3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Another guy trying to put Quality & Sales in the same basket. Shame on you :)

Halo is a Mediocre game because it does everything other than Multiplayer poorly.

Halo Multiplayer = Great
Halo Graphics = unexcusable on any HD System
Sound = unexcusable on any HD System
Storyline = Mediocre at best/seems tact on

The Halo franchise is far from a complete package, just like Bungie is far from being one of the elite developers this Generation.

BTW, There wouldn't be over 10 Million copies sold based on the quality of the game alone. it wouldn't have sold over 10 Million if not for that desperate Advertising budget. Hell, Vampire Rain would of sold 5 Million copies with a 25 Million dollar advertising budget.

Halo isn't one of the best selling games this generation because of the quality of the game, it's one of the best selling games this gen because MS & Bungie thought it would be better to spend as much money advertising the game as they spent making the game.

Hanif-8763000d ago

Halo Reach still doesn't match Killzone 2 graphically and Bungie is developing Halo Reach exclusively for the Xbox360. So why would a multiplaform engine change anything? according to the logic i'm implying here, developing for multiple platforms the quality should be worst and less optimized, thats just my two cents on the matter :-)

Shepherd 2143000d ago

You have no clue what true quality is, youve just proven that to me. Bungie is among the top developers, because they stay extremely close to their community in a way that no other developer cares to do.

Halo 3 can be a racing game, a zombie defense game, a super competitive Unreal Tournament style shooter, you can play Pac-Man, bumper cars, obstacle courses, Grifball, and sooooo much more crazy gametypes that changes the way you play it radically. Little Big Planet is always a run from side A to side B game, and thats it. Sorry but you lose.

4 player co-op, 4 player split screen, up to 3 guests can join you on xbox live, a theater to make clips and screen shots, a map editor to create maps and gametypes, and a handy file share system to help send all of that to your friends. Playlists ALWAYS change, rotate, or are added/taken out every single month to keep things fresh, there is ALWAYS a long update on every Friday keeping fans in the loop about Reach development and current Halo 3 status. Bungie is CONSTANTLY listen and communicating to the community to further improve their game.

Naughty Dog and Santa Monica still have a lot to learn from Bungie. Maybe they will one day. Who knows. Right now they are pretty much like "Hey, heres your game, see ya." Its cold and sad to know they do that to their fans. Us Bungie fans, were spoiled rotten. all you have is textures and resolutions. And you are foolish to think that alone is quality. Ha. I pity you.

creatchee3000d ago

Why don't sales matter?

I mean, you can blame the first couple of months on hype or advertising or whatever, but what about after that? What about a year later when Halo 3 still outsells new releases? What about when it keeps reaching new X million-sold milestones? What about when, almost 3 years later, it is still one of the most played (if not the most played) online games out there? What then?

Is it still hype or overhype?
Is it still advertising?
Do the sales matter any more or less then?

Maybe it's just that Halo is a great game that many people enjoy playing, whether or not it's on your particular system of choice. I haven't had it in my XBOX in a long time, but I have no reason to hate on it or pick it apart or (worse yet) insult people who still do.

Maybe it's that Bungie IS a great developer who, instead of going for HD graphics or whatever it is that some people feel is uber-necessary these days, decided to make a game that plays well and is fun. Isn't that why we buy games in the first place?

Bungie is perfectly capable of pushing limits. Consider everything that they did in making Halo the online juggernaut that it is. Now that they have online down, they can go and push graphical limits, or size limits, or whatever other limits there are that people seem to hold in such high regard. Bungie pushes limits that make sense. Halo wouldn't have been as good if they concentrated solely on graphics. They made the right decision.

But you really can't change people's opinions - especially those of people who've never even played the game or can't put aside their useless hate to enjoy themselves every once in a while...

catguykyou3000d ago

Where does everyone get the idea that Bungie isn't known for their great graphics? Do people not remember that Halo and Halo 2 were for their time, the best looking console games period? They rivaled what was on PC at the time. It's so funny how so many people choose to ignore the whole last generation when it comes to hardware reliability/power and what a company was/is capable of.

Since the release of the 360, Bungie has released 1 game and 1 expansion. This hardly makes them "not known for their graphics."

Lou-Cipher3000d ago

No, it is you who is lacking an understanding of what Quality is.

You are basing the overall quality of Halo on Multiplayer alone.

Bungie did alot of things right, but that doesn't take away from all the things they half assed. There games aren't the complete package, their Multiplayer is. Bungie is not a top tier developer, because they only put effort into half of their experience instead of the whole experience.

I like Bungie too, but that does not negate the fact that they have ignored large portions of their games.


Sales do matter, BUT SALES DON'T CHANGE THE FACT that Halo is lacking in several important categories. Halo needed a $25 Million budget to sell 10 Mil, Mario/Gran Turismo franchises can sell 10 Million + with a $5 Million budget.

You cant argue that Halo 3 would not have sold close to 10 mil unless it had the $25 Million backing it.

Point is:

ODST Sold Well, but not 10Million Well. Wonder Why?

EVILDEAD3603000d ago

LOL @ eating that Lou 'Hater' alive..

Look the silly Halo Bashing has been around forever..these dudes are dinosaurs on repeat..they are so distraught that they will spend comment after comment trying to pretend Halo is inferir to ANYTHING out there..

Let em' babble..while millions of us will be playing the Halo Reach Beta on Monday..

At the end of the day..Reach will dominate the gaming world in 2010..Halo fans will be in gaming heaven..and the haters will be on and forums around the net screamming..bu-bu-but GOW 3 had great graphics...

When you honestly talk games with real gamers outside of the'd think these dudes are on drugs..but then it doesnt take long for you realize these arent real gamers at all..

To each there own...Monday can't come soon is good


kaya3000d ago

wow, what's with all this bungie hatred here?

I understand it's a long hard and almost impossible road for them to undertake, but why the hell not support them? If there's a chance they can make games comparable to anything like GOW, then it's to our advantage. We need more dev's out there with the balls to suck it up and make amazing games. I'm excited for them to go multi-platform and fully support them. Who cares what kind of bad rap they got for making the most over-hyped game ever. At least give them a chance to branch out and give us some more love.

Traveler3000d ago

Lou-Cipher, please go crawl back under that rock you crawled out from under. You don't have a clue. If you think millions of people play Halo after all this time because of "marketing" or anything like that then you are a clueless moron.

Personally, I also loved the Halo 3 campaign. It is one of my favorite campaigns among all shooters I have played. I love it. And getting to play through it with co-op gives it even more replay value.

Also, you are completely exaggerating with regards to the graphics. They weren't the very best to be found on consoles, but they are still quite good.

dtalon33000d ago

I am going to say this to all the fan boys who posted anything about counting pixels. Your a bunch of f*cking idiots. Please show me a ps3 game with
-4player co-op
-Amazing online play
-A coherent single player campaign
-Forge (a map editor)
-Theatre (review ANYTHING you do in the game save and screen shots)

oh hey guess what guys these features are not only just in halo reach but were launched with halo 3. If that is not next gen to you or not innovative enough your a damn fool. I am not knocking God of War in any way shape or form. I am just saying If you can not look past graphics (which clearly you fanboys do for MAG) your just another hater and don't deserve to open your mouth and talk again.

EVILDEAD3603000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

I hate to get in this but your comments are pure comedy..

Only Fan toddlers grasp at straws about an advertising budget to whine about the sales of the game..

Do Iron Man, Transformers, Star wars, and Lord of the Ring fans hate on those movies because they have huge advertising budgets?

Microsoft backed halo with a big budget because they believed in their investment and let the world know. It's what EVERY big game does to get the word out..ADVERTISE..

PS3 fans bashed Halo 3 for years for promoting through 7-11..but got quiet as a mouse when they saw Kratos' face on every big Gulp for an entire month..

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 had a huge high profile and very expensive ad campaign..guess what? They did over 300 Million in under 24 hours..

This is where the haters 'FAIL' every time..especially the bandwagon haters..3 years ago Halo 3 was easily the most anticipated game in Xbox history..thousands upon thousands of us stood in 'Midnight' lines because we abslolutely couldn't wait to finish the trilogy.

When people got their game that night..they literally RAN to their cars and screeched out of the parking lot..

And guess what..not ONE person in that line said..hey the reason I'm in this line is because of that 'Halo 3' Slurpee..EVERY Halo fan DOES remember the day Bungie revealed the trailer at E3 though..THAT single moment generated more excitement that ANYTHING else..

At the end of the can whine about a 25 Million dollar ad budget all day...because Halo 3 made 170 Million in the US alone on DAY ONE..sounds like money well spent

People talk out of the side of their neck about the campaign..but at the time it still was just could not live up to the galaxian expectations we all had for the game..and graphically Gears had just blew us all away..but the inclusion of 4 player co-op made that campaign an incredible blast over live.

The M-player STILL has not been outdone..period. We ALL love leveling up in COD..We all loved the original Gears' M-player and the sequel's horde..we all love how BFBC2 has jumped up the list..but arguably NOBODY still has topped the overall Halo M-player experience..that is till REACH drops in September

People talk supposed quality all day long..but the proof is when you report billions of hours played by fans..half a million playing on a tuesday..2 years after the game is released..

I just spent a couple of hours the other day brushing off the Halo skills with a few buds over Live.I started look at a couple of the Halo player profiles just for guy had 12,600 ranked games alone..I laughed..

Again...long story short..the haters have been on repeat for 3 years straight..but the proof is in the pudding..Millions upon Millions love the Halo experience..period..

The bitter truth is that the haters don't actually 'hate' Halo..they hate that it has been a key point of the Xbox's success and as an exclusive it hasn't been matched salewise by anything on the PS3.

We all get it..just like we got it in 2007..don't like it..don't play it..Bungie..Microsoft..Halo fans wil all sleep at night..especialy in September

Life is good


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kaveti66163001d ago

Hip Hop Gamer, I have defended you for a long time, and I admire your ambition and passion for gaming (and hip hop), but that has got to be the most hit-seeking title I have ever seen on this site.

For the record, Bungie can't even take full advantage of the 360 as far as I've seen. Let's leave the PS3's full power to the first party guys.

Absolut_Turkey3001d ago

Nail on the head, Kaveti. Nail on the head.

OT: No multi-platform game to date can match GOW3's technical brilliance. And I highly doubt that will ever change. It's like fighting fire with fire. The only way to beat a PS3 exclusive is with another PS3 exclusive.

Nebulas Zero3001d ago

It's over 9000!

But honestly, I thought that with the submissions option being closed, we'd miss out on HHG this week. Unfortunately, I was wrong. -__-

Sarcasm3001d ago

I have to agree, as much as I want to defend him on this one, it's pretty ridiculous. Bungie has NOTHING to do with surpassing GoWIII.

aaronisbla3001d ago

like they said, thats a f*cking ridiculous title and you know it. i normally like some of the things you bring forward but really HHG? come on dude

DaTruth3001d ago

I only clicked on this to confirm it was HHG and continue my perfect streak of identifying his "vidicles" by the flamebait titles!

Kugar773000d ago

i only had to see the source link, and suddenly did not care about the "news" if you can even call it that. hhg is such an annoying site, they have no basis for 99% of their stories and it is simply speculation/opinions looking to generate hits

Dee_913000d ago

this article seems more flaimbait than this one

I didnt think he was comparing gowIII and halo like most people who replied here indicated

seems like a legit question to me
bungie made hit on the xbox so can they make a hit on the ps3 is all he is asking ..

and since im dont have future telling abilities my answers is I dont know

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Xi3001d ago

I think reach already does.


RockmanII73001d ago

I'll give you an agree for being honest because I know your disagree count will be higher than a hippie

i3eyond the Circle3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Sandbox, 4 player Co Op, Map Editor, Video uploaded to net and can be watched from computer, character customization, vehicles in battle, split screen, 40 A.I.,......and color.

Now what game on the Ps3 can I compare that has these features so we can create a fair comparison......lets see...looking....looking.

Payment Declined.

It doesn't exist.

What exactly is there to surpass in God of War 3 besides graphics that are limited to its given camera angle blended with CGI.

It's groundbreaking combat system? that can't be it.

It's grand way of story telling?....wait that can't be it either.

Simon_Brezhnev3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

i'll help u out. the game that bungie is probably working on PS3 lmao

Hallmark Moment3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

PS3 doesn't really have next-gen games. MAG is the only one. Hot Blond Bimbo games vs Hot smart; girl next door games; full of surprises and is smart. This is why I don't play my PS3 that much because the games have a tech demo quality to them. PS3 really needs a game; gamers can love and enjoys for years and is simply fun, Bungie can deliver that for PS3. I purchased my PS3 because of Killzone 2 and sold the game a week after I purchased it. I've been watching Blu-ray movies since then. People on my PS3 friends list log in every 2 or 3 months.


i want to say uncharted 2 but the sandbox part just kills it.

TheBand1t3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

"PS3 really doesn't really have next-gen games"

You're right. Much like the 360, it has current gen games.

Oh, wait. You meant that as some kind of sly dig at PS3 exclusives.

Sup POG.

Hallmark Moment3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

All I was saying is; it seems like PS3 games feel like last generation games with next gen paint. lol boo hoo kids.

"You're right. Much like the 360, it has current gen games"

Greywulf is that you? Stop Sending PMs; I don't care what you think about Alan Wake.

TheBand1t3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

So you ignore me then open my comments? That's a bit illogical.

What does Greywulf or Alan Wake have to do with you downplaying PS3 exclusives, POG?

Hallmark Moment3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

I ignore all of your accounts greywulf-quaz51-alanwakewokeup at540p, just wanted to see what you said because you get so worked up when somebody has their own opinion not matching yours. I just wanted you to stop sending me PMs over Alan Wake. You get worked up when somebody makes you mad and you wont leave them alone. You're still bitter from the other day lol

Who is POG? I have never seen him.

TheBand1t3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Shame I haven't sent any PMs, then.

Really? And you don't get just a fluster when someone says something about a 360 game?

Still not ignoring me properly, POG/Why Dis/I did not murder him/Really duh/CoolirisGB.

Hallmark Moment3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

You're too funny :)

Anyways ignore status depends on what article the ingnor-ee is in and if the person is responding to me; so yes I will read ignored members comments. Maybe I should have written my 2nd post like the way Ape007 did.
WTF now you're breaking out a list of people I have never hear of.

Chill out greywulf you get worked up over nothing, you get so personal.

Sarcasm3001d ago

Really, trying to bring up "innovation" as an arguement yet I last recall the PS3 is the one providing games like Demon's Souls, LBP, Modnation Racers, Valkyria Chronicles, Heavy Rain, The Last Guardian, etc. to name a few.

Redrum0593001d ago

At the idiots above me. Ps3 failing at releasing "next gen" games. What has the 360 pushed out that wasn't already done in it's first year. Srry but I think a game should atleast be able to almost fill a bluray disk b4 it qualifies under "nextgen". Uncharted, lbp, gow3, modnation, demonsouls surpass everything from
quality to creativity on 360, let alone uncharted1. So stop talking mess , need I remind u that you are playing the same damn game from the first years of the 360 but only with a graphicle upgrade sprint and jetpacks. there is nothing revolutionizing or inovating about reach. Itl be a good game so leave it at and stop making it out to be the second coming for the 360. I still hav yet to see a 360 game to meet uncharted2 in graphics, gow3 in epic scale, mag in online capacity, lbp/modnr in creativity. And once GT5 releases, that'll be one more of the many games that 360 has to meet... Oh, wait, has the 360 met bluray yet. They've met HD-DVD but idk if that counts.

Exquisik3001d ago

You want innovation? Ninja Gaiden Sigma II with Sixaxis Boobs Jiggle Support.

Nuff Said!

Dee_913000d ago

would compare halo and GOW
and you sir . are a retard

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Lirky3001d ago

lol, bungie will never ever ever ever ever release a game for ps3. u'll see some devs just chose to stick with hardware they are comfortable with like mistwalker are comfortable with wii,ds, and 360. But the ps3 haves in-house things and great support from other devs.

Meryl3001d ago

you have not been reading the news lately have you bungie just signed a mutli deal and they already said they are not scared of the ps3, so bring it on bungie i wanna see how much you can do on ps3 or if it is all hot air you have been letting off for all these years

3001d ago