The Secrets Of Cloth Simulation In Alan Wake

Remedy animation programmer Henrik Enqvist takes a look at how the team created a believable tweed cloth simulation on the title character's jacket in the Microsoft-published Xbox 360 exclusive horror-thriller Alan Wake.

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Cevapi883000d ago

a jacket?? would have been more impressed if they talked about the lighting effects as that is the core component of the game

Hands Up For Games3000d ago

If you had been following this game as long as I have, you would know that the tweed jacket is very very very important ;).

lowcarb3000d ago

It may not be important to you but its pretty amazing how realistic this game is all around.

Inside_out3000d ago

These developer types get so excited over little things like this...Check out KZ developer Guerrilla talking about the red eyes of the people don't even notice...

On Topic....great stuff...articles like this show how much work developers put into even the smallest detail...everything you see on the screen are based on a decision someone had to make...This does look alot like the coat in the lead character in Red Faction...very similar...

In one clip with some little guy playing a level in AW, you see Alan Wake balance himself on a board....It looks incredible....he shifts from side to side trying to keep his balance all the while his coat swings realistically from side to side...all in game....The Vids out there somewhere....AW is gonna be epic....

Hands Up For Games3000d ago

How did I get 2 disagrees? There is a running joke about the Tweed jacket on the official Alan Wake forum and that joke has been running for around 3/4 years.

Humour obviously goes right over some peoples heads :)!!!

Hoolock3000d ago

This stuff does turn us guys on. Its a challenge and even though the people in the end don't directly point out how nice the jacket effect is it does seriously add to the immersion of the game. If people did comment on how overly reactive the cloth is, it means they did a bad job of it as the gamer noticed the effect to an extent it took them out of the experience. Its all about creating realism but not letting the viewer know why it feels so realistic.

BX813000d ago

@Hoolock good for you. I like when devs take pride in their work. Even if the game does take over 4yrs to develop. It's the smallest of details that I look for in a game. My favorite thing recently in gaming was the Uncharted DF water effects. Something like that takes time and effort, and I've yet to see it duplicated on a console. This game is looking like it's going to be epic!

MNicholas3000d ago

Last gen games had pretty good cloth simulation. They'd swing, bend, and twist as the character moved around. Some last-gen games had really good 3D water simulation as well. Check it out on youtube.

There's absolutely nothing new or impressive about Alan Wake's coat apart from it being tweed.

What I am interested in is how they are generating shadows. That's supposed to be a big part of the game.

Traveler3000d ago

The detail of the jacket and its movement are impressive. It's nice to see how much work Remedy have put into Alan Wake.

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tha_meat_beater3000d ago

when are the giong to demonstrate the "ripple in the jeans effect" when alan wake sh!ts his pants after his flashlight dies!

Christopher3000d ago

Yes, cloth simulation results in GotY results...


Look, it looks okay, but cloth simulation has been around for many years. Heck,many MMOs use cloth simulation that's actually harder to do because it applies to hundreds of sets of armor/clothing and fits on characters of widely varying sizes.

I do love that someone takes his job with this level of devotion. Every game should have people like this... or I should say, managers who allow the people they have the ability to really throw themselves into details like this rather than bouncing them around as soon as they get something 'acceptable' done.

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booni33000d ago

i am personally very excited about the game. you know something will be big when a detail about the cloth in the jacket gets its own discussion.

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