Super Street Fighter IV tops 1 million units shipped

Capcom revealed that Super Street Fighter IV has already achieved 1 million units shipped worldwide.

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ClownBelt3002d ago

I know I'm late, but I'll be getting my copy soon. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

topdawg1223002d ago

Awesome game, easily worth the price. Don't see how people complain about 40$ when it is a fantastic upgrade. Especially when I could put hundreds of hours in this game, meanwhile other 60$ games offer less than 6 hours total.

N4BmpS3002d ago

Really want this game, I guess the real King of Fighters is the king of Sales this month, maybe? I don't see anything else topping this as of right now.

Method3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

This is probably the most balanced fighting game of all time. It's amazing that even Dan and Vega can now stand a chance against Sagat with their new tricks.

karlowma3002d ago

Grabbed mine yesterday! Go Abel!

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unrealgamer583002d ago

Way to show capcom you won't take being robbed >_>

Cevapi883002d ago

can someone tell me why this couldnt have been a PSN/Live game??
it looks like an update to an already great game....i cant see putting down $40 dollars when it really isnt a direct sequel to SF IV...its more like something that IV should have been in the first place

Simon_Brezhnev3002d ago

Im with Cevapi88 this should had been an $20m expansion. They already got DLC up that should be free. You have to admit capcom knows their audience.

Method3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

I see that neither of you have actually played the game. Play it and you'll see exactly why there is no way that it would have worked as DLC. This game is more like Street Fighter 4.9 than just a mere expansion.

Baka-akaB3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

Nope , given the amount of changes it couldnt have been a dlc , just like Blazeblue Continuum shift , soon released in the same fashion and price range , in july , couldnt be a simple dlc expansion .

Everytime i say what follows , and most times those with that argument are stomped :

Show us a single dlc that features as many balances and gameplay , changes , new content AND netcode changes , and then you'll have a starting argument . You guy know very well that at most you'll see new content for rpgs , or new multiplayers maps and modes , but not ALL of the above changes .

You are also kidding yourselves , if you believe it would only cost 20 dollars as a dlc . If capcom was as pure of greed as you guy want to believe in this case (and god know they already are enough with their costumes dlcs) , even if possible , it would be a serie of pieces costing probably more than or as much as a full game , instead

Can you smell that sf3 pack alone at 15$ ? then the alpha pack at the same price ? followed by 15$ for the new characters ? and easily as much for for the new modes .

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chasegarcia3002d ago

if you could not see that Street Fighter 4 was incomplete then shame on you. lol

BYE3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

How was it incomplete? Like in: "damn I keep getting my ass beat, this game must be incomplete"?

I'd even pay $60, it's just that good considering how many playtime and depth you get out of it compared to other titles. I hope they bring out Super SF4 Turbo EX next year.

Method3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

The lead producer stated that Super will be the last installment in the SF4 series and any additions will be through DLC. It looks like Capcom want to work on reviving Marvel vs Capcom & Darkstalkers now. We most likely won't see Street Fighter 5 until at least another 3 years.

BYE3002d ago

I know Ono said that, I was just trying to say if they'd bring it out, I'd buy it.

Can't wait for MvC3 as well, the teaser got me hyped.

rakunado3002d ago

Its funny how so many ppl complain about price.

In australia Super Street Fighter costs the price of a normal game. It's not even remotely cheaper in anyway.

Stuff that im ordering from overseas where I only have to pay half price. $43 as opposed to the ridiculous $80 Aus. :(


people complain to much i freaking love super street fighter 4, Juri is a beast and DAT As$ is worth the price.

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