E3 2007: Little Big Planet Impressions

Kotaku's impression of the upcoming game Little Big Planet for the PS3.

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SWORDF1SH3937d ago

From what ive seen i know exactly what the games is about. you create levels as unique and as challenging as you like. you then can share it with mates and/or share it online. thats basically it. what else dont they get about it. and seeing what ive seen little big planet deserves to be a massive game and i hope it is

VendettaWFT3937d ago

Your right, this game looks sick and very creative and innovative. But I do have one wish regarding all this "user created" content. I really, really hope they have some people monitoring these level creations for I fear that some douchebag could run amock and create levels full of giant [email protected] or Nazi signs or something stupid like that.

ALIEN3937d ago

I don't know how im going to play this thing, don't know what it is, but one thing that i know 4 sure is that im going to buy this game. Just for fun.

mmike8553937d ago

...Sadly enough, I feel Kotaku is losing composure. Their postings of certain games like LBP seem unusually underwhelmed while everyone else is excited. During the video itself they show you exactly what's going on. The video shows the "create" portion of the gameplay!

masterg3937d ago

I would like to see monsters build.
How cool would that be. Like building something with powers to mess with the players. Not just dead objects.

TLSBill3937d ago

It seems like the only news in that article is that Kotaku is confused. I wasn't aware that it was a rare occurance. Well done, and thanks for the update...

scarlett_rg3937d ago

Maybe the Kotaku guy might understand a bit more about it if he went back and played Lost Vikings.

But ya, this game looks sick. It's like Lost Vikings x 1,000,000, with great tools for users created content, and online sharing capabilities.

People will spend -countless- hours creating things in this game! I'm guessing they'll have some sort of user rating system, so people can enjoy all the best creations. Ya, this is gonna be big! Good job.