Adobe Gives Up On Flash For Apple

"After Steve Jobs announced that he thinks Flash sucks, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch replied with a blog post that we're interpreting as "Yeah? Well, we're taking our ball and going home!" Of course, he called it "moving forward" instead.""

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swiftshot932878d ago

At the very least, they could make it so that it doesnt run crap on macs.

toaster2878d ago

Well good riddence I say.

TheIneffableBob2878d ago

From what I heard, it's because Apple refuses to open up their APIs that Flash doesn't perform as well as it could on Mac OS X.

thereapersson2878d ago

People before this whole Apple debacle: "Flash is awesome!"

Steve Jobs announces to the Apple iCult that he thinks flash sucks...

iCult: "Yeah, Flash is unnecessary and stupid! HTML5 FTW!"

BYE2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )


So your opinion is monopoly > open formats? Or do you have no opinion and just want to hate on Apple?

lord_of_balrogs2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Uhh Ceekay you realize that Apple's the one trying to gain a monopoly. Right now Apple is a member of the HTML5 format group and that they have a personal stake in it. This means since the own the code that they can impose high licensing fees on it. Right now they have no licensing fees until 2016 so they can destroy the other formats and then they can basically get as much money as they want from everyone relying on the license.

Oh and Apple products arent open formats. They have the most closed products on the face of the earth. The reason why they don't want flash is why allow users the option of free games to play when they can nickle and dime you through the app store.

Rhythmattic2878d ago

lord_of_balrogs , Lets not jump the gun here...

As for Apple, yes their products arent particularly open, but they do use a lot of open standards. There is a difference.

Anyhow, found this, Interesting read.

Rhythmattic2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Wow, got disagrees.. For what ? Making a statement that OSx is based on open source software such as BSD, Apache .....

I'm not protecting apple... Wish you disagree's read the link I posted.

F Apple and MS, F Adobe Flash and H.264... And MS Silverlight !!! WTF !

We dont want standards , we want "Open" Standards.

sikbeta2878d ago

1.Flash is not Awesome, but it's Good, could be better
2.People saying that Adobe is a Monopoly, you're right, but is not like S.Jobs doesn't like Flash because it's a Monopoly....

corneliuscrust2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

everything they could regarding Flash on Mac. APPLE has locked the API for hardware acceleration for a LONG time. They just opened it up VERY recently. It's apple's stubborn oppressive system that is hindering the process


Apple is trying to downplay Flash's role on the internet while hyping up HTML5. They want to make it seem like a good idea to suppress Flash support on iphone/ipad. Why? Because then devs could code games in flash and COMPLETELY subvert apple's appstore. Apple is all about control. Whether it hurts the consumers' experience or doesn't is not their concern.

SaiyanFury2878d ago


Amen brother, I couldn't have said it better myself. :)

NickIni2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Pretty damn annoying. Really irritates me when i try to watch a video on my iPhone only to find its flash and doesn't work, and now to find out its never going to happen is even worse.

Way to go Apple.

jack_burt0n2878d ago


u nailed it.

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BYE2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

I'm with Steve on this one.

It can't be good to have a format which is owned by a monopolist for 90% of video content in the internet. Especially when it's not practical on mobile devices with its battery draining CPU usage.

spektical2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

flash is amazing. It should be on iphones, and a main reason why I do not have an iPhone. Its ridiculous knowing that i can't stream a simple flash on a website, all it does is slow down the page, because TCP/IP keep exchanging information between server and client, and finally realize, hey the client doest support flash... >.>

you know, apple is just a monopolistic as Adobe is. I dont see your point. For the most part, siding with Apple usually means you gave into mainstream. M$ is horrible, but at least were not at the mercy of extreme hardware violations when we want to upgrade, or make our own PC.

Apple is made for the casual user, the user that doesnt know much about computers. THis is why Apple is catching on fire, and will continue to do so, until M$ or some other company realizes that they need to make ther OS more user friendly.

IdleLeeSiuLung2878d ago

That's like saying Blu-Ray or DVD is bad because there is technically only one format available.

It all depends on how the software vendor treats their developers and etc.

Personally, I hate Flash. Always has annoying ads, slows my C2D E8400 to a crawl and eats up my bandwidth. With that said, some content isn't viewable without Flash! Love and hate relationship with Flash I guess, but more hate!!!

Gray-Fox2878d ago

I was playing a crappy flash game last night and it was using 1.5gb of my 4gb DDR3 ram. My current processor is a 3GHz Core 2 Duo.

If a crappy flash game is taking up 1.5gb on a desktop computer... imagine what that would do on a mobile device, it'd like explode because they only have 250mb of ram.

Not only the hardware limitations but the interface for most if not all flash games and videos would not work for mobile devices.

If you want to have flash on your mobile... good luck to you.

Send from my Nexus 1.

ReBurn2878d ago

The thing about Flash is the thing about all development tools. If you don't know what you're doing you eat up resources. I've seen poorly written C code drop a server to it's knees. People who develop Flash apps are often poor Flash developers and don't take memory usage into account when they build a billion objects when a dozen better-designed ones would do.

SKUD2878d ago

And thats THAT. Shows over.

rbrtchng2878d ago

As a web programmer, I actually prefer HTML 5 over Flash. HTML 5 is more objective Javascript/CSS based language, whereas Actionscript is much more "timeline" based language which doesn't always work very well, especially in terms of memory allocation.

Anyways, Flash is definitely needed since a lot of websites use it, but HTML 5 is definitely replacing it as the language of choice, imo.

Monkey5212878d ago

While I think that Flash should be supported by Apple since the majority of the WWW is made up of it, HTML 5 will take over. Actionscript is an interesting language as in, half the time you are creating loop holes to make what you want to work. HTML 5 just makes sense and works the same no matter what. Also, Javascript can allow you to do most of the cool things you see in flash websites. It's a fabulous open-source site called Scriptaculous.


Object oriented ftw huh?

Have you tried Ruby? I hear it's the sh1t!

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