SCEA 'Electrifies' inFamous 2 Website Domain

Thomas Williams of PSLS writes:

"the future for the inFamous series is 'shockingly' bright and I have some fantastic news for all of us inFamous fans."

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JonnyBigBoss3035d ago

Well, we knew inFamous 2 was coming but the question is when.

I'll be getting it, that's for sure. inFamous was one of the best titles last year.

BigPete79783035d ago

I couldn't agree more. I loved the first inFamous (except all those damn shards!!!) and I can't wait for the sequel.

-Ikon-3035d ago

Infamous was a great start for a new ip with a teams first time on ps3. still one of my favorite games this gen.. I2 is going to be amazing

halojunkie3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

looks cool gotta check it out.

Trexman893035d ago

the question is, will it be at e3???

-Alpha3035d ago

Split screen/online super-hero open sandbox co-op/free roaming game FTW!

I know that there was a job listing for just this so I can't wait for inFamous 2.

N4BmpS3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Co-op?Mmmm I can see it but who could it be Sasha? she was(SPOILER) alive at the end. Who knows what Moya's real deal was or what the Beast will look like, whatever inFAMOUS2 already has my 60 bucks I just gotta wait. I want Sucker Punch to hit the story elements a little harder the next go around; to be an open world game they did a good job on the story, people complained about how repetitive it was but you gotta think that it was simply laying the ground work and setting up your playground for inFAMOUS2.

EDIT: I don't want to see Co-OP hit this title. Co-op okay maybe online mp nooooo unless they change my mind with Reapers vs First Sons vs Dustmen Brawl

ryano232773035d ago

The great sequel, that doesn't do whats been done many times before.

Super hero from previous game, starts with powers, something happens and he loses all of his powers. Now he has to get back his powers which somehow now are so much better than the originals.

If that happens I am already disappointed, come up with a new way to do it all.

kwicksandz3035d ago

Hope they fix the combat in this one. Being attacked by hordes of grunt enemies including ones that shoot you from out of the range of your sniper shock was total bs. That and the awful jaggies that popped up and infamous 2 will be a possible purchase for me

Christopher3035d ago

Don't know why people disagree, but co-op would be awesome for this game. Even better, additional characters with different power sets would only lead to extending the gameplay.

Don't want to ruin the ending of the first game, but it seems only logical that Cole would branch out to others affected and empowered by the sphere in order to take on what's coming in the future, others with say fire and cold abilities that operate similar to his lightning abilities. If you played the first game all the way through, you got a taste of how powerful Cole can get going forward and how that likely won't be enough in the end.

Absolut_Turkey3035d ago

Co-op for Infamous 2 would be cool, but it's not necessary.

OT: The line that grabbed me from this article was: "The best part? E3 is less than two months away. Sony’s Megaton Press Conference is planned for June 15th, 11:30am at the Shine Auditorium. Could Sony turn the ‘lights on’ for inFamous 2? What else could they have up their sleeve?" I've noticed that some of the posters here on N4G seem to be under the impression that Sony has nothing planned for this years E3. Reading the various articles, I'm actually under the opposite impression. IMHO, I believe Sony is going to dominate this years show. But I've gamed long enough to know you should NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON NINTENDO. This year's E3 shall be interesting indeed.

badz1493035d ago

I personally think that inFAMOUS is a great game! I'm a big fan and the 2nd is greatly anticipated! it trumps GTAIV in terms of fun sandbox game and for the 2nd it would be sweet to include destructible environment! I'm not talking total destruction but something a bit more than GTAIV but not so much like red faction guerilla!

nnotdead3035d ago

i disagree with "needs" co-op. it could be cool, but another strong story sp experience is all i need.


with an awesome CGI intro where the story continues 8 months later
Evil Cole FTW

Hill_billy3035d ago

Every time I hear more confirmation I get all tingly inside. That game was and is one of my all time favorite games this gen and to play a second one, I am giddy for it. Bring it on Sucker Punch!

vhero3035d ago

This adds more merit to that "leaked" list we saw on the web now this game is confirmed.. Though I still think its a fake this is no doubt gonna add more salt to it.

DaTruth3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Coop is easy, for a guy who can go back in time and fight against himself! He can also go back in time and fight with himself.

My PS3 got a flashing red light last night, but no yellow. I'm scared to try and turn it on now!

bjornbear3035d ago

i hope we hear something at E3!! =O infamous is still my fav "run around and climb everything" and its the best at that =D

infamous 2 bring better graphics bigger world and more to do! =D

inveni03035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

This is great news. I was hoping they wouldn't move on to something else and leave inFamous 2 behind. I've been aching to get into this universe again (I've already beat the game 3 times and got my platinum trophy). This is the only superhero game I've ever played where I actually feel like a superhero. Their engine was fantastic for their first shot on PS3, so I'm anxious to see any improvements they've made.

EDIT: @Alpha Male
This game does not need a multiplayer component. That's one of the great things about PS3 exclusives...they don't rely on multiplayer to be considered as "worth the purchase". They are amazing all on their own.

Cenobia3035d ago

I think that would cause space-time to collapse in on itself.

I mean as soon as he met his past self the future would be changed and as soon as he met his future self the past would be changed...

I think the cosmic rule is that he'd become a lemon cream pie.

Commander TK3035d ago

Sony sucks balls at keeping secrects.

sikbeta3035d ago

Great News! The First One is Awesome, Infamous 2 is going to be Even Better, Just a Bigger City, more Enemies, more Explosions [physics] and more Power [yes, more]

himdeel3035d ago

I so hope this game is dropping this year...even though in my heart of hearts I know I probably won't see it until next spring or summer. My HOPE for the gaming industry is that we start to see a trend of games being announced within 6 months of their release dates and not longer. Hype trains are full of fail...

sorceror1713035d ago

...and I was not disappointed at all. InFamous 2 will be another first day for me.

The graphics in the first one were competent, but not astounding. I only really noticed the 'jaggies' at one point (fight w/Alden) but a further tuning of their engine would make for an awesome experience. (Props to Sucker Punch for absolutely *nailing* the control scheme, though.)

As fun as it would be to play Cole again, it's hard to see how they'd develop his powers further. I mean, (spoiler) we have some idea how his powers will develop in the future, but most of them would be hard to control as fluidly as the current power set.

I might be in the minority, but I think a different character with different powers would be interesting. Keep the good/evil dichotomy, but have a character with temperature-based powers. Good gets ice abilities, evil gets heat/fire abilities. That'd give increased variety to the different playthroughs...

-Alpha3035d ago

OK, when I said it NEEDS co-op I didn't mean it would FAIL without it. I know iNFamous is a solid Single Player game and I'm not trying to push Multiplayer on it. I was just speaking on my excitement. The game would be uber cool with a co-op mode added and I strongly believe Sucker Punch will add it because there were job listings for Multiplayer design.

I sure as hell hate multiplayer added to games that don't need it, but Infamous would be greater with it.

The idea of running around an open world with another person sounds great. Need is the wrong word, but it would be great if it had it.

DaTruth3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

I got what you were saying. All games are better with coop! This game would be like Crackdown, but with good graphics!

Not a diss, being a Supercop with super powers, jumping around an openworld is amazing in any graphics... just everything is better in amazing graphics, even bad games!

Traveler3035d ago

Infamous was awesome. I am so glad that they are making a sequel.

BlackTar1873035d ago

Leaving for vegas for a bachlor party tonight. Amazon giving $20 instead of $10 and infamous 2 confirmed

Best day ever

Infamous 1 is such a favorite of mine and top 5 or 3 this gen. Great game great day awesome everything.

hope you guys have as good as day as me : )

Game on people

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Demons Souls3035d ago

I'd rather have a Sly Cooper game on PS3.

-Alpha3035d ago

inFamous 2 is a much more profitable franchise for Sucker Punch. It was the fastest selling new IP for Sony when it came out.

Americans really love Super-hero crap. If this game adds co-op like its rumored to do then it will be a great game.

I don't see Sucker Punch leaving this series yet and I know fans don't want them to. I'm all for iNFamous 2.

ReservoirDog3163035d ago

Well, I love Sly Cooper (as you can probably guess) but I don't mind if they never go back to it on the PS3.

I loved inFamous. It had the same feeling of Sly Cooper minus the stealth. The style of the cutscenes and even the controls. It all felt like Sly Cooper. InFamous is a worthy successor to Sly Cooper and it's a day one buy for me.

N4BmpS3035d ago

I'm definitely all in for inFAMOUS2 every time I look at inFAMOUS I smile and say "one of the best games I've ever purchased," Sucker Punch will return to Sly I'm confident in that but you'll just have to wait so they can give Cole some more shine time.

Dylantalon13035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

infamous showed what gta 4 or any open world game could be if its made just for ps3 or optimized for the console. i cant wait for infamous 2.

kaveti66163035d ago

Infamous didn't take a thing away from GTAIV. Hell, even GTAIV's vehicle textures put Infamous to shame (I assume you're talking about visuals, here).

That said, Infamous is a great game and probably better than GTAIV in some respects.

arakouftaian3035d ago

INfamous got more fun and better and much fun the more i play it.
and it the end was epic and mind blowing.

INfamous 2 will be epic.

kwicksandz3035d ago


infamous had a much smaller open world and worse graphics than GTA4 despite being exclusive. Not sure what your talking about there

feelintheflow3035d ago

but aren't you forgetting that the talon is for talent.

thebudgetgamer3035d ago

but i had way more fun playing infamous.

DaTruth3035d ago

Must have been awhile since you guys played GTA4! I played San Andreas and could hardly tell the difference!

GTA4 does a lot of good technical things, but looking good ain't one of them! Infamous looks like a newer gen!

@Kaveti GTA4 has textures?

kaveti66163035d ago

@Da Truth

Infamous has better ground textures. GTAIV has better vehicles textures, and a larger variety of NPC models with better textures. Infamous has better electrical effects, GTAIV has better explosion effects. GTAIV also has a larger environment. From a technical standpoint, GTAIV is more impressive. The R.A.G.E. engine that Rockstar used for GTAIV cost about 100 million to make.

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Erotic Sheep3035d ago

Sweet, one of the best sandbox games I've played gets a sequel.

nnotdead3035d ago

not only the best, but one of the few i actually enjoyed.

Colonel-Killzone3035d ago

Infamous was amazing one of my fav games this generation. I hope they add a few more powers in the next one. Can't wait to see what happens in the future.