Cliffy-B on Killzone 2 Dev: "I'm Professor X, he's Magneto."

At the Games for Windows event at E3, were ushered into a magical room with playable stations with Bioshock, Crysis, and Gears of War for PC. They noticed Cliffy-B also watching journalists play his game. After chatting with him about the PC version of GoW, they asked what he thought of the Killzone 2 demo.

Ben: One last question and then I'll let you go. What did you think of the Killzone 2 footage shown?

Cliffy-B: I thought it looked hot!

Ben: Did you?

Cliffy-B: Yeah, the funny thing about that game is that the lead programmer (Arjan Brussee, from Guerilla Games) and I, actually, that was the programmer I did Jazz JackRabbit with back in the day.

Ben: Really?

Cliffy-B: Yeah, and that's always like, you know at E3 a couple years ago that was being compared to Gears and everything, so everything is kind of full circle. It's like, I'm fucking Professor X, and he's Magneto.

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drtysouf213905d ago

I'm sure the developer of Killzone 2 would say the same about Gears they both look great. Now which one will look better? We'll see when Killzone 2 is released.

riqued3905d ago

How can someone disagree with this?

VendettaWFT3905d ago

Same reason someones gonna disagree with you within the next hour

sajj3163905d ago

This is what I like! Give credit where credit is due. I think both lead programmers/designers of their respective games deserve much credit.

Maldread3905d ago

Yeah i agree, he`s one of the few honest developers around. Wish more developers would do it too.

I was very suprised at the Killzone footage in a positive sense, and already think Killzone looks better than Gears of War, in my opinion (not trying to turn this into a flamewar here, and they are not in the same genre either, just expressing my thoughts here)

riqued, well this site is full of fanboys, so i guess one didn`t like Killzone 2 there.

Also Known As3905d ago


Kratosnake3904d ago

One week the PS3 gets some hype and you guys are already pissed?

The 360 is been doing great for the past year, and now its the PS3's turn, what's wrong with that? N4G is not bias, not by a long stretch.

gta_cb3904d ago

i agree with Kratosnake, its good to see the PS3 getting some hype, even if you (n4g members) dont like it, all systems need to do well, otherwise whats to stop the winner next time ripping us off? not making as much effort to improve the system etc?

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Nicosia3905d ago

At least he doesn't act like free radical. Good intervieuw!

MK_Red3905d ago

Supreb comment by Cliffy. And great find.
Cliffy and Arjan Brussee made Jazz JackRabbit? Now thats a great piece of information.

THE_JUDGE3905d ago

that he'd say that. I love the X-men. I look forward to the game. If you didn't read the hands on impressions yet you should now! I think it will quell some fears of the gameplay mechanics.

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The story is too old to be commented.