Wii Remote Support Coming to Google's Android

NintendoLife writes: We don't usually cover mobile phone news here on Nintendo Life but in this case we're willing to make an exception. Those of you familiar with Google's Android operating system will know that there are countless downloadable apps available via the appropriately-named Android Market.

One app that caught our attention recently was the Wii Controller Demo, produced by Ryan Frawley. This software - which is available for free - allows Android users to create a Bluetooth connection between their phone and a Wii Remote and then log input information on the phone's display.

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Titanz3004d ago

Goodbye iphone..... Hello Android! :)

fatstarr3004d ago

so impressive.... im waiting for the next wave of androids b4 i upgrade my phone. lol

Myst3004d ago

Interesting I'll have to try this out tomorrow or at least Sunday, but first where is my 2.1 update >_<!?