Edge Interview: Bungie's Brian Jarrard

Edge writes: Bungie's not the first core Microsoft developer to break away from the fold to go multiplatform with Activision. Bizarre Creations made the jump too, but Bungie has taken a step further, retaining its precious independence, its creative control and its ownership of the IP it's going to spend the next ten years developing with the publisher.

We speak to Bungie community director Brian Jarrard about the deal, what he can reveal of the new game - could it really be some sort of platform-agnostic MMOG? - and what it all means for the next ten years of the Bungie story.

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BeaArthur3000d ago

I'd be surprised if Bungie works with other Activision studios in a significant role, they are an independent studio so Activision doesn't call the shots. I wasn't surprised to see him say that they weren't going to unveil the new game at E3. I doubt we'll here anything about it before Reach releases.

fOrlOnhOpe573000d ago

I would like to wish Bungie all the best and good luck with Activision. I hope they have a cast iron contract and made sure they scrutinised the small print ! lol

As we say on the dark side : PLAY BEYOND!

maka3000d ago

with millions of people playing at the same time. if it is i feel sorry for xbox 360 cause i dont think the 360 can handle mmo.

BeaArthur3000d ago

Final Fantasy XI. That would be an MMO on the 360.

vhero3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

FFXI ran on playonline software which is a beefed up browser wasn't that hard to port I mean FFXI ran on the PS2 you really gonna use that as your example the fact it ran an MMO the PS2 could run?? I'm not denying the 360 couldn't run an MMO here your just the KING of bad examples... However Age Of Conan devs said they found it impossible to port to 360 thanks to the restrictions MS have placed on the console and the Xbox Live Service.

FFXI got around it through playonline but FFXIV doesn't use playonline BTW before you ask the devs already confirmed this..

So MMO is possible on 360 just extremely hard unless you give MS basically all/most the rights (so they unlock all restrictions on XBL) and thats usually not gonna happen also it's a HUGE gamble as there has never been a console only MMORPG outside Japan before and nobody's willing to take the chance.

maka3000d ago

remember Champions online they said it was coming to 360 but that didnt happen. i dont know exactly was going on with 360 MMO games but it sure seems like its very hard to run MMO games on the 360.