E3 2007: Little Big Planet Steals Day 2

CB Game's first impression of Sony's Gaming 3.0 Platformer

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ALIEN3900d ago

One thing that i like about SONY is that they are creative, they always come out with something new.

marinelife93900d ago

That is just a cool concept for a game. I can't wait to try it.

SimmoUK3900d ago

This is a game that could take the gaming community by storm, the reception it got at GDC was unheard of!

weekapaugh3900d ago

holy sheet this looks effin cool...

Tsukasah3900d ago

or is little big planet a little childish? Its good that sony is expanding their market a bit towards the little kids, but i dunno, is this game a little childish? i dont see what all the buzz is about for this game, looks like some flash game with next gen graphics on a console, kinda like city jumper, only more interactive etc. but i think its the characters that make this game childish... then agian only games i like are shooters, rts, and rpg.....

DrPirate3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

No. Let's split this two ways. Kids and adults.

It may inspire creativty and ingenuity from kids. If a child can create a level and learn to like it, it may spark something bigger for the future in this kids life.

I'm an adult. I want to coop some levels with friends. I don't think it's childish at all.

Edit: I just read the bit about this looking like a flash game. You are clearly blind. No one can take what you say seriously if you're going to make yourself out to be an idiot. If you can show me where I can find these flash game, please link me :\. I can't believe I just tried giving you a serious response... What a waste of effort.

Fisher3393900d ago

People like Childdish and creative things. Look at the Wii, It's creative and childish, Do People want it? Hell Yes! Same reason people will want LBP, including me.

Even if this game isn't your cup of tea, you should still be happy for it, because it is deffinately a system seller. With more systems sold, more developers will want to make more games for the ps3.

popup3900d ago

I would not say its just you but I am glad its not everyone.

This game immediately sparks the imagination for me. Physics, creativity and fun. The silly-stupid interaction 4 player level building will bring no end of laughs (just as you finish your masterpiece, you look at your pals and they have an even more bizarre contraption for example).

Using Sixaxis simply to move your head while l/r analogue controls arms independently is refreshing too.

You place the 'sponge' about the level around your ingenious puzzles in hard to reach places and post. To play, you download level, play, enjoy, collect sponge, gain points, unlock more 'mods' and design more levels. You could cheat your way to unlock everything but only building a killer level (or appreciating another persons) will ultimately give you the satisfaction the game is all about.

I can only ask you to imagine a simple to use FPS sandbox version the whet your appetite. You could build vehicles, guns, armor, terrain and make the rules then post, share and deathmatch your designs online...

Still think its for kids?

I don't for one...

QuackPot3900d ago

Okay, so forget Lion King, Shrek, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Ice Age, Antz, Bug's Life. Sponge Bob etc. They're just cartoons/animations....just for kids. An adult can't possibly enjoy them.

Get real.

LBP will appeal to all ages and gender. It's simple innocent fun.

It will be a major console seller.

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hotshot12373900d ago

im sure a isnt gonna know how 2 use all that stuff creatively. sure the animations look childish. but thats what makes it fun. this is a revolutionary game. and honestly i think this could one of the biggest things in gaming history. alot of people heard of this and truly. i think people that wanna b game designers that dont even lke the ps3 will go and get one just 2 create levels.

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