APB given release date, payment details

Critical Gamer writes: Realtime Worlds forthcoming cops and robbers themed MMO action game All Points Bulletin has been given a 2nd July release date in Europe, with North America getting the hotly anticipated title on June 29th.

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CyberCam3004d ago

is not for me... I'll pass thank you very much!

scruffy_bear3004d ago

I agree CyberCam, I'm going to pass too

chak_3004d ago

hm yeah didn't see the playment thingy.

well I guess it's an MMO, I'll for review anyway, they better be good if I have to pay

Jockie3004d ago

The sub is pretty reasonably priced and with 50 hours out of the box, if the game doesn't have masses of content that's more than enough to see everything it has to offer. Last game I spent more than 50 hours on must have been somethin like Dragon age.

DeadlyFire3004d ago

Well its the first game I have seen that gives you the option to convert in game cash into the fee though so really $10 a month isn't so bad depending on how much in game cash you can make and if you can make enough to cancel out that fee.

On average and big MMOs most charge $15 a month.

JohnnyMann4203004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

If you were to take a 100 APB Beta players, about 80 of them would tell you this game is just fundamentally not fun. I'm in the beta and it sucked. The driving was awkward and not fun to the feel. the shooting was alright. the missions were boring and lame. Also it seems to lack structure even though there is a goal,etc.

At the end of the day most would agree APB is just not fun.

In it's current state I would give it a 6-10.

Don't expect it to be a GTA MMO experience...well.....done in a fashion that is fun that is.

LennyRodders3004d ago


I agree, I'm in the beta too, and it's really poor.
Nothing going for it, although the customisation is good and has a lot of detail, the gameplay doesn't follow it. It just sucks

Instead of me paying them, I'd rather them pay me to play

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Lirky3004d ago

you can have fun without paying "gaming bills". playing other online games that are not pay to play.

distorted_reality3004d ago

Can't wait - been in the beta and it's a lot of fun. The payment method sounds ok - not as good as I was hoping but good enough. As long as there's servers near me i'll be in for sure.

mauleriscool3004d ago

beta was alright. Pretty cool customization and concept. But not worth spending 10 bucks a month.

I'd rather wait for a GTA mmo.

jay23004d ago

You people should stop bi%$&^g and whining, I bet at least one of you (including people that post below) pay £15 a month for WOW without a second thought.

APB's very fun, I'm not going to hesitate to pay for it monthly.

scruffy_bear3004d ago

I'll never paid a monthly fee for any game be it WOW or APB

CyberCam3004d ago

I never have and never will!!

JohnnyMann4203004d ago

To each is own... but most people that have played APB think it sucks. Honestly im surprised they are trying to get away with a monthly charge.

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