Bungie: We had to break through Infinity Ward 'noise' for Activision news

Joystiq: Though many have speculated that today's Bungie-Activision partnership announcement was timed to help distract from the ongoing exodus from Activision darling Infinity Ward, the Halo dev insists that wasn't the case. In fact, Bungie's Joseph Staten said the developer was more concerned with the effect the Infinity Ward news could have on Bungie's own announcement.

"Just speaking personally, it gave us a little bit of pause because we're so excited about this news and we knew we'd have to break through a lot of noise to get the message out there," Staten said in an interview with Joystiq today. "So, clearly that wasn't optimal."

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HyperBear2880d ago

you had to break through a lot of "noise" eh?

By any chance Joe, did you ever listen or read about that "noise" in the past couple months to maybe help pursuade your decision to NOT join the sorrow that is Activision.

THQ is way better than Activision IMO. Shoulda went with them instead.

xXRight3yeXx2880d ago

It's Bungie's decision to join Acti. None of your business. Why would a talented developer like Bungie stay with Xbox 360 alone?

Anon73492880d ago

I've seen nothing from them that has shown them to be anything special, developing wise.

NateNater2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Really? As a gamer you have to at least realize that Bungie created one of gaming's most iconic figures which also became the face of Xbox. Whenever Xbox is mentioned, Halo always comes to mind. To say that they have not done anything special even developing wise, is a pretty ignorant statement. But you are entitled to your opinion I suppose.

Fishy Fingers2880d ago

Why do people on N4G or the internet in general think they know what's best for Bungie? Bungie know whats best for Bungie, if they choose to sign with Activison it must of been because it was in their best interest.

BeaArthur2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

HyperBear...your point is totally irrelevant as Activision owns Infinity Ward and Bungie is still an independent company. The terms of Activision's involvement are totally different.'re right the most successful online game/series in console history is totally underwhelming. You can go back to playing whatever it is that impresses you and the rest of us will enjoy great games.

DavidMacDougall2880d ago

I was never a Halo fan past the first 1, but a new IP from bungie is welcome.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2879d ago

Youve seen nothing special from bungie? Where have been for the last 10 years?

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Memo-Xen x31002880d ago

Halo is one of the most well known gaming franchises of today. Activision has also brought a smile to many gamers faces with their COD titles. The collaboration of Bungie and Activision looks like a good move to me and I haven't even seen the payouts involved.

bjornbear2880d ago

because if i heard all that noise...i would run for the hills AWAY from activision

Alcon Caper2880d ago deter attention away from Infinity Ward. Their stock was goin souf and the shareholders needed a reason to not pull out...duh

BeaArthur2880d ago

I believe it was actually Bungie who made the decision not Activision.

Hakimy2880d ago

well it's a chance for Bungie to prove that they are really talented.Don't get me wrong Halo is a great franchise (to fps fans) but to me,a really talented studio is the one who can make more than one game (not a sequel but another game) and receive praises for it too.and I don't mean just Bungie but any other studio who gets praises all the time for just creating one game and milking it all the time.of course I'm just a gamer who is expressing his opinion and I could be right or wrong but I have a feeling that there might be other people who thinks the same way........or maybe not :P

SixZeroFour2879d ago

Technically speaking, bungie HAVE created other popular franchises, just non current gen other than halo

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