Added RAM makes PSP games load faster

The redesigned PSP makes games load faster. But, how? In a private demonstration with Joystiq, John Koller explained that the new PSP includes more than just good looks. The redesigned system also includes more RAM, which is used to increase the load speed of upcoming PSP titles. In addition, the system has much more efficient battery life. Koller promised between 8 to 10 hours of battery life in the new system, a seeming impossibility when remembering the original design.

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Nigther3878d ago

This will hopefully satisfy all those who has been wanting more RAM for the Web Browser to function better.

pwnsause3878d ago

wait is that ram actually compatible with the web browser, then if so, thats is actually Sweet!!!

Nigther3878d ago

Yes, it comes in very handy when you try to view picture heavy sites. Crashing of the browser has been a huge problem which this model might very well solve.

Torch3878d ago

I've just gotta share this sad but amusing story with you:

About an hour and a half ago, I was sitting in the hospital's emergency area (nothing serious) browsing this thread with my beloved PSP, and the very split-second I read your sentence: "This will hopefully satisfy all those who has been wanting more RAM for the Web Browser to function better", I was greeted with the infamous 'not enough RAM' error.

Now tell me that ain't a sign to trade up!

(Brand-new-second-hand PSP at a bargain-basement price, anyone?) ;)

Shaka2K63878d ago

Where do i pre-order mine?

MaximusPrime3878d ago

i wanted to get this even thou i already have PSP.

I love it.

Odiah3878d ago

I'll just repay Sony by continuing to pirate their games. Rocos are even sexier when stolen.

Tsukasah3878d ago

I think sony should have also put another analog stick on the PSP, so many could-be-great games have been ruined because you have one analog stick, creating annoying controls, if sony adds another analog stick, im willing to pay even 300 for the PSP, because then i can really make fun of DS fanboys, i would get a ds but i dont want that touch screen, too lazy, and it has poor graphics :( i was almost considering to get it when i found out about diddy kong racing was on it, then i saw the xplay review :(

Nigther3878d ago

This would be very problematic as developers would have to create two control schemes for all of their games. It's possible, but highly unlikely that it will happen at some point.

PSP2 is your best bet for a dual stick design.

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