IGN Editorial: Bungie Jumps, With No Strings Attached

Ryan Geddes writes, If Activision is the devil, I'll see you in hell. Journalists like to call office parks nondescript, but I think that's lazy. To avoid describing office parks is to accept defeat at the hands of architecture school dropouts and chief financial officers. So let's try it.

In Kirkland, Wa., there is a corporate office park. Actually, scratch that. Kirkland is really just one big corporate office park, a moneyed matrix of tinted glass, parking lots and signs plastered with 1990s fonts. It looks more like a Rainbow Six multiplayer map than a town. It's home to Bungie LLC, formerly of Chicago, maker of Halo, ex-wife of Microsoft, builder of fantasy and empire.

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HyperBear3029d ago

Bungie Jumps, With No Strings Attached.

Hey Bungie, I hope you know where your jumping cause Activision won`t save you. (just ask Jason and Vince)

Solidus187-SCMilk3028d ago

I really like bungie and im sure they can make a good game, but will it sell enough to make activision happy? Even multiplatfom, I dont think their new game will be nearly as successful as they are thinking it will be.

Sure Im hopeful about it and think it will end up being great, I just dont think it will have as massive sales as activision will want. If it isnt a FPS then they have almost no chance. And it if is a FPS then thats kinda boring.

Good luck BUNGIE!!!!! Maybe bungie and blizzard can make a RTS/FPS hybrid game. Id buy that in a second.