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jahcure2916d ago

the ps3 outsells the xbox 360 by more in a week than the xbox outsells the ps3 in the USA in a MONTH. This is just unbelievable. Wake up MS

commodore642916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

'tis true. Japan is proving to be the ps3's saviour.
Or is it?

Let's break down the numbers.
PS3 is 4-5 million units behind, approximately.

In NA, per month, the 360 adds about 20k margin to its lead
In Japan, per month, the ps3 gains about 100k margin per month on the 360.

Thus, for Japan and America combined, the ps3 gains a net margin of 80k units per month.
Now, multiply that by 12 and we get 960,000 units that the ps3 gains on the 360 per year.

If we use 4 million units as a conservative estimate of the 360's lead, then we can deduce how long it will take the ps3 to catch up, at this rate.

4000000/960000 = 4.1667 years

That means, if we see sales continue exactly like this, it will take the ps3 until JULY 2014 to catch up, worldwide.

Of course, this is a linear example, discounting seasonal sales spikes, but the ratio should hold regardless. Europe is not included in this analysis, but the numbers there are a lot closer than many fanboys care to admit, so may not impact the overall picture.

While it's great to see the ps3 selling well in Japan, it really is not enough.

I do agree though, that MS needs to wake up.
Halo Reach, Alan Wake and GeOW3 are not enough.
The PS3 really stepped it up since 2009. We've seen the ps3 drop in price by $100, we saw GOW3, KZ2, UC2. We also saw the ps3 slim.

Hopefully MS will announce a new 360 pricing scheme and slim 360 sku along with NATAL, when it launches.
That would do the trick, imo.

CryofSilence2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I didn't bother checking your math, but I noticed that you failed to account for one huge thing: the rest of the world does indeed have a huge impact on hardware sale rates. Sure, the Xbox (usually) outsells the PS3 by about 5k units per week in America and is outsold by about 25k per week in Japan. However, for the rest of the world (which the PS3 now has more cumulative sales in), the PS3 outsells the Xbox 360 easily by 10-50k weekly.

I know. VGChartz is anything but reliable, but they can't be too far off either. I'm thinking that, if this sales trend were to continue, the PS3 will catch up sooner than you think.

Note: Finals for the semester just ended, so please pardon my laziness. Also, I apologize if I neglected to acknowledge anything; this response wasn't meant to be a complete summary of the situation.

Meryl2916d ago

really commodore it was outselling it by more before the dry season came around not to mention at christmas it outsold the x360 by loads, since GT5 is coming out near christmas I excpect epic sales that gap is going to dissappear trust me

Hidden Star2916d ago

Commodore you fail. Why? Because you fail to comprehend that October, Novemeber and December accounts for more than 55% of Yearly hardware sales. So Sony wouldn't outsell the 360 by 960k a year in Japan. It's alot more than that.

tripewire2916d ago

Last two Generations of console, the winner was defined by sales of over 100 million.

Wii: Late entry to last gen. Doesn't count IMO. Few if any media applications and graphics more comparably to the Xbox and Gamecube than to the 360 or PS3.

360: 40 Million, sales declining YoY.

PS3: Approx 36 Million, sales increasing YoY.

Not even half way there. And people wanna gloat over a <5% of Total exected lifetime sales.

cmrbe2915d ago

Your math is correct but your logic is flawed. You are not considering other factors like game releases and price cuts.

Once the PS3 reaches 199. The PS3 will sell a lot lot faster than it is right now.

sikbeta2915d ago

PS3 in Japan:

+25k * 4weeks = +100k Units

IF you take in consideration Only 5 Months, May to September:

+25k * 4weeks * 5months = +500k Units


x360 in America

20k to 40k difference in sales [per month] in USA * 5 Months, May to September:

IF 20k:

20k * 5months = 100k Units

IF 40k:

40k * 5months = 200k Units

The Difference in Hardware Sales Favor PS3 = 300k/400k Units +

·PS3 – 155,917 Units in March [ http://www.nintendoeverythi...
·PS3 – 110,694 Units in February [ http://www.nintendoeverythi...

= 266,611 Units

IF 300k Units is The Difference in HW sales in Japan:

300,000 + 266,611 = 566611

IF 400k Units is The Difference in HW sales in Japan:

400,000 + 266,611 = 666,611

And So on, the gap shrinks FAST and everything like Last Gen repeat itself...

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Valay2916d ago

Wow, very little change this week. Japanese software and hardware sales have been underwhelming lately.

Dylantalon12916d ago

ps3 is the future and the future is ps3

Bathyj2916d ago

How does PS3 keep outselling Wii?

Darth Stewie2916d ago

Because it only does everything!

Ivan Drago IV2916d ago

If my calculations are correct, the PS3 is pretty much GUARANTEED to catch up to the 360 in 2 1/2 years or less by just relying on Japan alone!

Right now the PS3 is roughly 4 million behind the 360 in WW sales, the PS3 is on track to sell close to 1.6 million PS3s this year alone in Japan, meaning it will outsell the 360 by roughly 1.4 million consoles this year alone in Japan.. That means when you factor in the European Margins, the PS3 will have not only caught up to the 360 in WW sales but will surpass the 360 by winter of next year!

Perkel2916d ago

ps3 will outsell x360 this year, when gt5 hits it will be over.

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