Halo Reach Beta Secrets Revealed

Gamers who will be participating in the beta of Halo Reach starting next week will be able to unlock a secret collectible for their personalized avatar.

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ASSASSYN 36o2915d ago

Did anyone bother to put in their ODST disc and see the sweet video exclusively for download through it?

ASSASSYN 36o2914d ago

Well since exclusively for download through the ODST disc escaped you. Yes it is new being it is ONLY available via the ODST disc and it was just announced. I say that is new.

TheXgamerLive2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

i'll give ya a link.

ps it's Bungie/MS approved, there giving codes to start early via twitter, get twitter link also from my link.

hell i'll just post it, there's always atleast 6 or so streams going, your choice but only one post the twitter link, not sure which. Enjoy:)

el_nene_lindo2915d ago

unlock a secret collectible for their personalized avatar FROM HALO CRY CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mikeslemonade2915d ago

Today I traded in BFBC2 for Halo ODST. It should be a worthwhile week of Halo Reach.

Neo Nugget2915d ago

Why on earth would you do that? I'm not here to judge, but.....WHY?

mikeslemonade2915d ago

I sell everything that I don't play. I never got into BFBC2 online. After MW2 i'm done with realistic shooters for a while.

Ghoul2915d ago

what an awefull deal

you get odst for like 10 bucks on trade forums. why would you trade in a 50 dollar game it ???

i dont get it
not to mention that bfbc2 is a game noone should trade in anyways

Halochampian2915d ago

and all i can say is "WOW"

It has been great. And what is even more shocking is how balanced everything is. You can pick up about any weapon and possibly get a kill with it.

Assassinations feel great.. and the whole game flows really well with nice effects and such.

Im done for the night. Cant wait for tomorrow after work!