Xbox 360 or PS3: Whats Your Take

Let me just start out by saying I am a Xbox 360 fan who Does not care so much for Microsoft. I feel like Microsoft has nickle and dimed this generation of console owners over and over again.

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jjacinto233031d ago

because i love them both

lociefer3031d ago

i like my game console to be as next gen as it could be so i pick ps3

guitarded773031d ago

Responding to these articles is like asking to have your bubbles raped, I know... just take it easy on me.

I own all 3 consoles... I bought my PS3 first and it is my main gaming console. I paid $500 for the MGS4 bundle and have never felt that I haven't gotten my moneys worth.

I paid $300 for my 60gb 360 2 weeks before they did the price drop, so yeah I was a little bitter about that one. I don't dislike the console, I just waited until I was more comfortable with the reliability, and I got a Jasper 360 and am happy with the system. To me it is second to my PS3.

If there is one console that I feel is an overall horrible value, it is my Nintendo Wii... they gouge you with every accessory, have too much shovelware and don't drop the prices on their older good games. Nintendo has been a real put-off this gen IMO.

This is just my opinion.

ape0073031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

ps3 for exclusives and some multiplatform games, xbox for exclusives and majority of multiplat games

both systems have great arcade games, both systems are awesome, there's no way on earth you can say one console sucks(except in n4g and fanboys world lol), it's all about choice and pure preference and that's one of reasons why fanboys are always angry, fanboy anger = enemy company doing the right thing

Jedward-3031d ago

And yet you still bought a 360 .. your an idiot.

kaveti66163031d ago

My take is the Gameboy Color. It had both Poke'mon Red AND Poke'mon Blue. And not only that, it also had Poke'mon Gold AND Silver, and Rayman, and Wario Land 1,2,&3. Yeah, what a handheld. It was amazing. And despite the fact that I was staring at a 2 inch screen, despite the fact that I only heard bleeps and bloops instead of real audio, it was my all-time most played machine, and I love it more than anything.

Both PS3 and 360 pale in comparison. You see, the predictable buffoons above me are too busy sucking their favorite company's c*ck to stop and actually play games.

Natsu X FairyTail3031d ago

why not buy both? the xbox is really cheap at this point. and it's easy to find a 2nd hand HDD drive. If you like Games on PS3 and xbox. I owned both at a time and Im bout to get a PS3 in a few.

bjornbear3030d ago

but if i got a free 360 / could afford one i wouldn't mind =)

lowcarb3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

For me it's going to have to be 360.

below: Why because I don't share your opinion? /S

Nineball21123030d ago

^^^ wow, that's shocking! /s


Well I already own both and love it that way.

However, I do kind of agree with him. It's hard to explain, I still love my 360 and the games on it, but I am not a fan of some of the crap MS have managed to pull of this gen.

sony started out the same and over time they have redeemed themselves in my eyes. MS have done the opposite.

Persistantthug3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

1. WE are in a recession

2. Neither system is "cheap" as you say.

By the time you end up buying your accessories, wires, games, tax, XBOX will have easily spent near $500 for either system.
General people, unlike us hardcore gamers, are not likely to go out dropping $500'ish dollars at the drop of a hat....especially not now.

CadDad3030d ago

I own all 3, but they certainly came to me in different ways.

I bought the Wii on Day 1 because I've always loved new things and new ways to play games. I enjoy it, and have played some great 'new' style games for it, but admittedly, it was purchased for the kids. (daughter 12, son 6) and they absolutely love it. (I sneak in some Super Mario MP with my son constantly.) We have ~20-25 Wii games, and 4 controllers and lots of other assessories.

I bought the PS3 in June of '07 when the 60 gig launch model was dropped to $500. I bought the PS1 and PS2 both early in their cycles, and trusted Sony enough to spend half a grand. My 60 gigger blew it's power supply somewhere between marathonin' Demon's Souls and marathonin' Uncharted 2, last October. I wasn't happy about the $149 repair bill, but I've had luck with hardware in generations past and figured my time was just up. I'd be pissed if it happened again, you can be sure. We have close to 40 PS3 games, 4 controllers (LBP with the family) and other assessories like the PSeye, blu-tooth keyboard, etc.

I just recently bought a 360 elite with some games I've been jonesing to play including...Viva Pinata, Dead Rising, Gears 1, Gears 2, and Fable 2. It came with Halo ODST and Forza 3, for $250 and I got a bonus at work and was feeling saucy. I'm also interested in Alan Wake and didn't feel like waiting any longer. I have 6 or 7 360 games, one controller and no assessories yet. (house is hard-wired for ethernet)

Of the 3 consoles, I play the PS3 the most and that will continue for the forseeable future. I love the games I've played on the 360 and I'm glad I bought it, but it still makes me nervous and i install them all to the HDD just to be 'safer'.

I'm looking forward to a long generation, because shelling out for 3 sets of hardware with all the bells and whistles is expensive.


TreMillz3030d ago

I used to be more on 360, but afrer 3 RRoDs I told myself, to just buy another one for the single player exclusives or if a multiplat is way better than the PS3 version(like Bayonetta's scenario). So that's how it is, I choose PS3 for online, the exclusives and overall media, and 360 for the single player only just to avoid another RRoD. But I love them both!

Jihad3030d ago

I hate people saying "get both". No. I don't want to. It's not worth the money having a Wii or 360 again just for a couple of exclusives. My 360 done me well but anything that's worth playing I can get on PS3 or if I had to, get it on PC.

I agree with the chap above. Who really wants to be buying things twice? I got a PS3 and never looked back.

rockleex3030d ago

THREE generations of some of the best AAA titles this industry has ever seen.


Hill_billy3030d ago

For those that cannot, I urge you to go where your friends are. It's just that simple. With online gaming getting so big these days, having an online where your friends are is the most important.

camachoreloaded88063030d ago

I'd go with the 360. Main reason being because all my friends are on Live. I know the PS3 is superior to the 360 in a lot of ways, but in the end, what matters most for me is the connectivity to my friends. I only have like, one real friend on PSN, compared to about 10 or so on the Xbox. Might not seem like a lot, but these are close friends I'm talking about here.

beardtm3030d ago

1. Gears of War
2. Gears of War 2
3. Mass Effect
4. Mass Effect 2
5. Splinter Cell Conviction
6. Forza 2
7. Forza 3
8. Crackdown
9. Condemned
10. Fable 2
11. Halo 3
12. Left 4 Dead
13. Left 4 Dead 2
14. Metro 2033
15. PGR 3

PS3 getting pwn3d dawg.

iHEARTboobs3030d ago

That list has some good games. But not enough for pwnage..

raWfodog3030d ago

I'll play along...

1. God of war III
2. Uncharted
3. Uncharted 2
4. Demon’s Souls
5. Folklore
6. Gran Turismo 5
7. Heavy Rain
8. infamous
9. Killzone 2
10. LittleBigPlanet
11. MAG
12. Metal Gear Solid 4
13. Ratchet and Clank Future series (3 games but I’ll take it easy on you and just list it as one)
14. Resistance FOM
15. Resistance 2

And to do you one better…

16. Valkyria Chronicles

Your turn...

mikeslemonade3030d ago

If you want better games and more forward thinking innovations then the PS3 should be the system being bought over the Wii and 360. Because people went the Wii60 route in the beginning of this generation the games are just starting to come out.

darthv723030d ago

then again I like games not so much the systems that play them. If I have to get a console for a game then I get a console for the game.


Worth it...depends on personal preference (for me...YES)

Some will take offense at this last part: by owning all systems ensures that "NO" game goes unplayed due to exclusive this or multiplat that. Limitations on games due to console choices FTL! All games FTMFW!

princejb1343030d ago

i prefer ps3 for FREEEEEEE online gaming enough said
im not a gears fan or halo fan
never played mass effect so cant judge that game

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Wrathman3031d ago

chavstation sucks.FACT

the ps3 is for super chavs like sir ken kuntarugi.

he lives in caravan next to mcdonalds,runnin a motor generator to power his ps3.he syphons petrol from cars he steals to run the get online he leeches mcdonalds openzone internet.

just a day in the life of a typical ps3 fanboy.i know its tough to admit your worthless.but its like therapy when you go onto the psn,you can share your self loathing with other chavs.

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3030d ago
rezzah3030d ago

Xb**** sucks.FACT

the xbox360 is for super b****es like Wrathman.

he lives in caravan next to mcdonalds,runnin a motor generator to power his ps3.he syphons petrol from cars he steals to run the get online he leeches mcdonalds openzone internet.

just a day in the life of a typical xbox360 fanboy.i know its tough to admit your worthless.but its like therapy when you go onto the psn,you can share your self loathing with other chavs.

:):):):):):):):):):):):):):): ):):::::)))):(

See I can say idiotic things too.

avengers19783030d ago

PS3 all the way, and all these damn stupid bots will see...
since better games and a better system means nothing to them, it's down to sales, but PS3 will overtake 360 it's only a matter of time.

guitarded773030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )


rafael053031d ago

Im picky so i picked ps3..

unrealgamer583031d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

lol dvd 9

ape0073030d ago

proves the mentality of n4g ps3 users

it's indeed a ps3 fanboy cease-pool central

richard9193030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

so people that own an xbox arent allowed to think that dvd 9 is outdated and should no longer be used for gaming? people that own 360s arent allowed to not like dvd 9?

ape0073030d ago

blu-ray>dvd 9 anyday but someguys here live in a fantasy world were they believe that ps3 games are 10 times larger than xbox games