Steam on Mac gets official launch date

Valve revealed just moments ago that Steam on Mac will go public on Wednesday, May 12, 2010. Additional details were not revealed, but Valve mentioned in the press release to "stay tuned for more information."

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Masta_fro2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

This is great news!

...and reminds me that its not about the system, its all about the game.

UPSLynx2883d ago

Yeah, this could be a HUGE opportunity to get real gaming to the Mac platform.

I can't wait to see how much gaming leverage Mac users get out of this in the long run.

Mista T2883d ago

you can always bet on Valve, now they're paving the way for gaming on a new platform.

El_Colombiano2883d ago

My question is how much of Steam's catalog will transfer over? What about the games that us Direct X? The games that were never developed for Mac?

Pandamobile2883d ago

Only Valve games will run native on OSX for now until more devs see the market emerge on Steam and do a decent OpenGL port of whatever engine.

KingKiff2883d ago

Does this mean that Apple will finally make a powerful PC?

I have used several Mac desktops in the past and they are good for most all office appts and programs and web based gear... But high end gaming, I'd like to see that...

I can't see any Mac users joining me in BFBC:2 any time soon.

Correct me if I am wrong but as PandaMobile says they would need OpenGl.

I can see Apple being intimidated by this and pulling support like they did with Adobe and the Flash Player.

BulletToothtony2883d ago

macs do have open GL now in Snow Leopard.. and thou i agree that a lot of macs may not run all games on max settings.. most can run most games.

My iMac is probably more capable of running games than 80% of pc's in the market. So the idea that macs are not powerful is coming to an end.

KingKiff2883d ago

Thank you for I actually didn't know that OSX SL had Opengl that's a step in the right direction.

Some of the top notch Mac PC's are capable of delivering gaming at above console levels, but there is no way you can get say Crysis on max settings on any Mac.

They really need to get the act together if they wanna be considered a viable platform for gaming, and use more powerful components. The IPhone is capable of some pretty special things considering its size and power source. They need to motivate that kind of thinking into their desktop sets up.

I would consider a purchase if they beef them up a bit because the slim design and all in one PC/screen design is very functional. They just need to get more mainstream dev support on-board and be able to run all games and maybe .exe file support so they could play older games not Mac friendly

Letros2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Macs are plenty powerful enough for games with x64 Intel architecture but not even close to what PC's can do. The problem with mac gaming is you can never get the latest and greatest GPU for quite some time, but the 4800 sereies radeon is more than adequate, except at the large screen resolutions...2560 x 1440, GG framerate.

I'm happy to see Mac get some love, would like to see more OpenGL games, its a great API, and OGL 4.0 is on par with DX11.

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GQueen2883d ago

I'm no fan of Macs or Apple, but this could be a huge boon for the PC gaming industry. With Valve and Steam paving the way for cross-platform titles, perhaps the entire industry could boost sales and find new sources of revenue by attracting the Mac audience.

Props, Valve.

GQueen2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Wups, double posted.

UPSLynx2883d ago

I wonder what Steve Jobs thinks of this. It's a part of the Mac experience that he won't be able to control... He might get uneasy about it.

Thracks2883d ago

HNNNGGg-- I really hope this goes well for Valve and Steam. This could be a great way for game makers to make more money, helping to bring the PC gaming industry back!

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