Sin and Punishment: Star Successor video

New video for Sin and Punishment: Star Successor.

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Valay2854d ago

I'm sad that not many people are interested in this!

ChickeyCantor2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

It really reminds of R-type on the PS2( the way the level progresses).
I think its pretty cool, but its perhaps because its an onrail?

Well its not like you have much freedom.
To be fair it looks like a PS2 game. I'm actually disappointed with the voices.

Dont get me wrong i love these types of games, but i can understand the typical nonsense people tend to shout here on N4G if they wouldnt bother with this game.

SpoonyRedMage2853d ago

I'm interested, not really that much into shooters but it looks fantastic.

I wouldn't call it an on-rails shooter though, that's what I call the FPS, slower paced games. It's a shooter through and through.

Mahr2853d ago

"I'm sad that not many people are interested in this!"

I've made peace with the fact that this game is going to tank at retail. It's okay, though, because most gamers don't deserve to play it.

"I wouldn't call it an on-rails shooter though, that's what I call the FPS, slower paced games."

That would be wrong, though. Those games you're mentioning are lightgun shooters. All lightgun games may be on-rails, but not all on-rails shooters are lightgun games.

The fact that people misuse language and have done their best to make 'on-rails' a bad word does not suddenly remove Star Fox, S&P, or Panzer Dragoon from the rail-shooter genre.

ChickeyCantor2853d ago


Of course, However, you know how people tend to be on N4G.
There is nothing wrong with on-rail games. But the vibe around here tells me its one of the reasons its going to be bashed for.

SpoonyRedMage2853d ago

It's got nothing to do with on-rails being bad it's just that to me S&P has more in common with Ikaruga than House of the Dead, although you're right HoTD is a lightgun game.

Also the hate on the on rails stuff is because publishers seem to expect them to sell bucketloads which ain't happening and then complain when they don't sell aforementioned bucketloads.

Bodyboarder_VGamer2853d ago

Looks cool but the first one even though it was a N64 game it looked so much cooler...

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AWBrawler2853d ago

This video leaves a few questions though. The guy called Kachi a monster. Does it mean she has ruffian blood in her too. Its understood that Isa has ruffian blood because he's Saki and Airan's child,and Achi passed her blood to Saki. But just who is Kachi? What's her connection to Isa? And what ever happened to Saki and Airan? Last I saw of em, Saki was in ruffian form crossing the ocean with Airan inside his body. Where is Achi? She claims all of part 1 was training for her enemies and the time of calling themselves Gods is at an end.Man I can't wait!!!!!

TruthbeTold2853d ago

there is an option for using the original Japanese. I'm really not feeling that English voice acting much...

Mahr2853d ago

If N-Sider is to be believed, you're in luck!

"Finally, after discussing briefly the topic of localizing the game, the rep let me know that the English version of Sin & Punishment: Star Successor will include, in addition to the newly-recorded English voiceovers, the entire original Japanese voice track."

AWBrawler2853d ago

The voice acting was atrocious but I overlooked it. Its better than part1, so I'm happy with that, however being the otaku that I am, I would love the japanese voice overs.

ChickeyCantor2853d ago

" however being the otaku that I am"

Everytime someone says that i see mental images of tentacle rape...

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pcz2853d ago

Im really looking forward to this game, it looks brilliant.

As for the lack of interest by other users, i think you have to realise that even if nintendo announced wii hd that had 3d technology and would release with a new zelda, the article would still only get about 30 responses. this site is for sony and microsoft fans.

Fierce Musashi2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

I'll be picking this up when it launches on my birthday. Thanks again, Nintendo.

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