Call of Duty: Vietnam confirmed - Report

Silicon Valley blog VentureBeat claims to have learned title of suspected Treyarch installment in series, long rumored to be set in Southeast Asian conflict.

For over a year, rumors have circulated that Treyarch's installment in the Call of Duty series would be set during the Cold War, or the Vietnam War specifically. Today, Silicon Valley blog VentureBeat claims that the game's title will indeed be Call of Duty: Vietnam when it is revealed on SpikeTV late Friday night/Saturday morning.

The reported confirmation caps speculation that began in October 2008, when senior producer Noah Heller said the best seller World at War would be the Call of Duty set during World War II. Then, last May, a That Videogame Blog article cited a "reliable" source as saying Activision was looking to license Vietnam War-era tunes, as well as Cuban, African, and Soviet music for "Call of Duty 7." Call of Duty 7 had long been the name for the project used internally at Activision.

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3036d ago
spunnups3036d ago

^^Agreed. Nazi Zombies trumps everything else Call of Duty related.

Gamealot3036d ago

that's what i really liked about world at war the most. i hope they give us more than just 1 free map. hopefully 3-5 maps. i'll buy the game just to play zombies, imagine a 6 player coop for zombies. that'll be sweet

Mo0eY3036d ago

If this is anything like Battlefield: Vietnam - day one. That was by far one of the best Battlefield games I've played.

Therealspy033036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

activision guy 1: we need to continue milking this tired franchise.
guy 2: but how, we've already done wwII to death and we beat modern stuff to death too.
guy 1: what about something in the future?
guy 2: we can't, our engine is far too crappy to try anything new.
guy 1: so basically we need to make another game that is exactly like the others in every way, but we can claim is a new concept.
guy 2: Vietnam it is.

end scene.

and most of you, even though you know this is probably pretty accurate, will eat this up. "omg vietnam! cod is back and better than ever! hope we get asian zombies! i love paying for the exact same experience year after year."

UnSelf3036d ago

This just might be the absolute 1st COD i ever bought

vhero3035d ago

Won't sell very well outside the US as nobody outside the US really know much about this war except what they see in movies etc.. Especially the game playing generation seeing how long ago the war was. I mean in US I am guessing you learn about it in schools but we certainly dont learn about it over here in UK I don't know a thing about it except what I see in movies and the A-Team lol (last bit was a joke)

Hill_billy3035d ago

The only online I truly enjoyed with WaW was the Nazi Zombie mode. If Treyarch were to simply come out with a game that rivaled Left 4 Dead using their engine and game play tactics from WaW, it would be the best Zombie game IMHO. Forget the other crap and just give us one big game full of maps and hoards of zombies with standard weapons and some really cool specialty weapons. Oh a boy can dream right?

Mr Tretton3035d ago

vhero, I'm afraid you haven't a clue of what you're talking about.

anyway, this is maybe my last interest in COD, I've been waiting for a Vietnam game. It will be purchased used however

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renegade3036d ago

Well I keep a eye on it... Hope will be better than mw2

vhero3035d ago

90% of shooters are better than MW2 just nobody can see it..

3036d ago
TheColbertinator3036d ago

Really now? Interesting.I shall have a word with him at once.Thank you for informing me of this predicament O_o

3036d ago
El_Colombiano3036d ago

It's from Treyarch. I am a bit ashamed to admit I am anticipating this. World at War was amazing. It is the best Call of Duty to date in my opinion, singleplayer wise at least. I never go online on any COD. I'm expecting big things from this. Bought second hand of course.

tdogchristy903036d ago

I couldn't agree more. I'm not one to get into fights with the companies but what activision did with infinity ward was just awful thus I've officially joined the activision boycott....

With that said something about going to a new war like vietnam should be pretty cool and I'm excited to see how it turns out. I will definatly be looking into it. Maybe get it used or something.....

Sarcasm3036d ago

Glad to see people actually see that Treyarch isn't so bad. Sure they haven't made anything themselves, but that's Activision to blame.

RazzLee3036d ago

I'm really hoping this game brings the quality that we want but Treyarch will have to have learned from a few of their mistakes from WaW. MP40 anyone?

I know it's cliche but I'm cautiously optimistic.

Gamealot3036d ago

dude you are so right. i hated that mp40. everyone used that gun on every map. it was so overpowered and accurate for a sub-machine gun, oh and the bettys wich were so hard to avoid, but it was cool seeing your arms and legs blow up...........damn bettys !!!

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