Call of Duty 4 - E3 2007 Insertion and Assault Gameplay Video

Make a night raid on a cargo ship and invade enemy territory.

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DixieNormS4021d ago

Best of show right here. This has to blow your mind. This and Killzone has to have stolen the show. But this one is first.

VendettaWFT4021d ago

This is phenomenal, how the hell did they make the jump from COD3(ehh) to this(amazing)...pretty impressive

dissectionalrr4021d ago

agreed... definitely better looking than killzone. it just goes to show how powerful hype is. everyone is praising killzone while a dozen better looking games just get mentioned in passing. hell the new ufc game looks like hd video, noone's creaming their pants over it. it's crazy.

InMyOpinion4021d ago

This game is the best looking FPS to date. If you turn your bias-switch off for a moment you'll see that it looks better than both Killzone 2 and Halo 3. I know it's hard to accept for some. Look at the details, smoke and lighting effects, and still running at a smooth framerate. Truly amazing. Can't wait.

QuackPot4021d ago

This is the new benchmark for console FPS. Thankfully, KZ2 is only in pre-alpha so the competition is still on for the King of the Hill.

Game on.

MK_Red4021d ago

The game looks and plays incredible but I still miss the WW2 settings of older COD games. Hope they return to COD one day.
But the seriously awesome thing about this game is that its a classic COD cinematic experience in modern world. What Battlefield 2 did to multiplayer shooters, COD4 is going to do to singleplayer games (As well as multiplayer). With games like Killzone 2 and COD4 on console, in near future we may see Crysis on a console and or a graphically similair game.
Cant wait for COD4 and future of the genre.

Rhezin4021d ago

yah but they are all different genres of FPS so can't really compare all three of them to eachother, they all have their strengths. I'm just so glad that we finally get that COD hgh intense feeling, but set in a modern era. I HATE WAITING!!! MONTHS SEEM LIKE YEARS!!! AHH!!

ALIEN4021d ago

This thing looks amazing. The shadows are incredible.

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The story is too old to be commented.