Why People Hate Gamers

It's no secret that gamers get some bad press: our reputation as a community isn't as good as it should be. It's not just the extremists either; we seem to have a bad rep with the general public. Gamers aren't violent or bad people, despite what some critics might claim, so why do we have a negative reputation? These are the top five reasons why I think people dislike gamers, and what we as gamers can do about it.

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2943d ago
SKGamer2943d ago

You make a good point about the coincidence today, kinda funny. But I planned the piece out last week, wrote it last night, and just added the pictures and published it today.

And yes, I wish it was so simple that we could just play the games and be chill about it. But drama always finds its way into our lives...

NYShotgun062943d ago

article, I think it's something everyone should read.

sdoodguy012943d ago

I'd say this is a must read for gamers and "non-gamers" alike.

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