Bungie: Cautious Fan Reaction "Just The Internet"

Bungie's community director Brian Jarrard has described mixed fan reactions to the ten year deal with Activision as "just the internet."

In response to the Activision deal, nervous Bungie fans have been flocking to the company's forums to post threads along the lines of "Activision is going to destroy Bungie," "bungie = losers" and the simplistic "NOOOOOOO!!!!"

All threads of that nature are currently being locked by moderators.

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3004d ago
Crazy Larry3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

I'm NOT saying this in a fanboy type of way (I own both systems)...but the fact is, for ten years now, Sony fans have been trash talking Halo and in the matter of just a couple hours, the mindset of all of them is a 180. What the hell Sony you like Bungie or not?

ThunderSpark3004d ago

More like for the past few years 360 fans have been over-hyping Bungie and now they're in denial trying to downplay the creators of they're supposedly best game on the XBox, Halo.

Sigh3004d ago

are you gonna keep copy/pasting the same message in every activision/bungie related article?

gaffyh3004d ago

All Halo fans seem to be imploding right now, must be what FF fans felt like when FF13 was announced multi, and it isn't even as major as that lol.

Hallmark Moment3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

I read in forums people are upset about stuff. Let me post it. This is no different from what fanboys always say in the forums already; doesn't matter which camp. Fanboys spoil forums like Meta critic user score.

Nice rant :)

3004d ago
soxfan20053004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Bungie is coming to PS3 ALSO - you make it sound like Bungie will now be exclusive to PS3. 360 owners will still get Bungie games - I couldn't care less if PS3 owners ALSO get to play them as well. MS still owns Halo, so that will stay MS exclusive.

"What's left of 360 exclusives coming to other platforms"??? Do you have some secret inside details about Fable, Gears of War, or Forza coming to other platforms. Along with Halo, those are MS's big four games, not to mention Alan Wake - a long term franchise in the making. As long as MS consoles still have those games, plus numerous other exclusives & multi-plats, the coming 10 years will be GREAT for Xbox fans.

There is so much to look forward to in the coming years that the only disappointed people are going to be 360 haters.

thebudgetgamer3004d ago

im sure there was a lot of people that felt the same way about ff 13

LEGENDARY PELON3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

I'm sad that Bungie deciced to go that way, but lets look on the bright side.

As long as Bungie "not 343" makes like Halo 4 on the next generation Xbox, Im a happy man.

I'll admit it, ill get somewhat buthurt if the game Activision/Bungie make goes multiplat, but ill be like "WATEVER" because it will end up selling way more on the 360 which mean more ppl online for the years to come!

Ex. Modern Warfare 2!!!

Sold more on the 360
even got a Limited Edition Console!

3004d ago
Hallmark Moment3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Bungie games. Lets be clear; we're talking about the new IP and not every bungie game that coming out in the future.

"With Move coming out and everyone loving it"


Nevers3004d ago

Inbred fin handed monkey people > fanboyz.

I mean... I really feel sorry for your mothers.

soxfan20053004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Introducing "whathappened" - the latest PS3 fanboy posing as a multi-console owner in a vain attempt to make his Xbox hating seem credible.

Do you mean like how PS3 fans absolutely HATE(d) Activision - especially in the last year. Now, it's a love affair. Not to mention how much you guys HATE(d) Halo - until today of course.

Do those "tables turning" count too?

EDIT @nnotdead - you're right. However, the PS3 camp was far more vocal because some of Bobby Kotick's remarks were interpreted as anti-PS3.

ukilnme3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

@ whathappened

Being a PSWii60 owner myself, I find great enjoyment on all three systems. I pride myself in being able to see through BS and your are full of it. How can this be compared to the FFXIII deal? The FF series was never exclusive to Sony consoles. It's not like you are going to be playing Halo on PS3 and no the movie does not count. I remember when DMC4 was announced as multiplatform the Sony Fanboys were crying so much that I thought they were going to commit suicide. Same thing for FFXIII. Follow the link, the poor guy considered selling his PS3 over a game. Absolutely pathetic.

I have said it before and I will say it again, Sony Fanboys are absolutely the worst and the biggest bunch of hypocrites here on N4G. You seem to have some false sense of entitlement. You guys b1tch about every little thing while at the same time you claim to be the mature crowd. Please grow up and do your part to restore some dignity to N4G. Pass it on to the rest of your crowd.


BTW, I can't wait to see the death threats and suicide watches when FFXIII Versus is announced as multiplatform.

@ nnotdead

It's a matter of perspective. I don't look on other gaming sites. My perspective is what I have seen here on N4G for the nearly 3 years that I have been a member. I'm a gamer (nearly 30 years of it) and I support all of the current consoles completely but I have always admitted that I can't stand Sony Fanboys because they infest N4G like roaches. Now feel free to point me in the direction of a gaming site where crap like this does not happen and I will happily say goodbye to N4G. Until then, I'll deal with the roaches.

For those that think Halo is now dead, we'll see. I expect retractions from all of you if the next one turns out great like the previous installments.

nnotdead3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

i thought we all hated Activision? also, like you said, Halo stays with MS, so it really doesnt matter if Sony fanboys like the game or not. maybe they're just big Oni fans lol.


its people like you who have it all wrong. you just described a fanboy. doesnt matter if its for 1 system or game, they all are like what you just call out one side as worse than another just shows which side you lean towards.

tinybigman3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

for fans from either side to be at each others throats. i find it funny how stuff like this brings out all the crazy fanboys on both sides.

anyway i've always respected bungie even if i didnt like the halo series that much after completing part one and thinking it was meh, and part two boring the holy hell out of me causing me to quit mid game. i didnt bother with either part 3 or recon (refuse to call it by the 4 letters hahaha).

but i'll tell you this after reading the gameinformer article on reach i'm really interested in the game as the main story will involve more then just one main character.

i wish bungie the best and i'm looking forward to seeing what new IP they come up with. it would be kicka$$ if they made a killer rpg.

wow the disagrees are coming fast and heavy hahaha. so since i love games i have to love halo is that what yall are telling me; or is it because i wished them luck on their new IP? please tell me.

i really would love to see them try and make an rpg.

Nevers3004d ago

I never knew there were so many people who couldn't read. Amazes me they can type w/o the skills of reading. That's like a super power or something.

Bungie has been free of Microshaft for years... this was only a matter of time... I simply wish it wasn't the rich b!tchy chick they decided to date. Hell... I'd be more happy if they announced the IP was exclusive to PS3 rather than Activision. Wouldn't matter to me.

Everyone loses w/ Activision... EA and Activision

Mo0eY3004d ago

Man, it's quite sad to see all the Xbox 360 fans in denial. Without Bungie, Halo is nothing. Stop handing out the excuse that Microsoft still owns the IP. That's like saying Mario is still Mario without Miyamoto's touch.

Today, the Halo franchise died (personally I'm glad).

Have fun developing on the Wii/PS3/PC Bungie.

bjornbear3004d ago

fine, not good that they are joinging acti

and it's obviously not good news that bungie have left the MS exclusive wagon

but it isn't THAT bad

now we'll get a new IP and multi-plat game =) lets hope for the best and stop quarreling

PS3 fanboys: get over it, this isn't payback for FFXIII, its just another 3rd party going multi-plat

360 fanboys: stop brushing this off as nothing new, it sucks if you are an MS fan, and it sucks worst for the Halo / Bungie fanboys, deal with it.

captain-obvious3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

im with bungie on this one

""Looking back at a decade of working on Halo that wasn't our IP we learned a lot from that and I think it was just a position that no one ever wants to be in again,""

i think they were not good friends with MS that's why they wana stay apart from them
because they know MS is going to force them always to make halo games nothing else
but bungie did a wrong move, activision is not that good too, its not about money in here cus both they both got it
but its about freedom, activiosn wont control them they'll just puplish their games
now 10 years is a long time, i can see like 3 or 4 games coming out of boungie on those 10 years

any way i g2g now
I'll see you PPL after this whole N4G "face left"

kaveti66163004d ago

Blizzard, the makers of your beloved StarCraft, have decided to divide Starcraft II into three different games for each race and each game will be sold for 50 bucks.

Blizzard also sold a mount recently for 26 dollars in World of Warcraft.

You think Blizzard loves the community? They make higher quality games, sure. But they screw gamers over just as much as Activision.

Orange Juice3004d ago

Yea its unfortunate that acti is taking advantage of people waiting for sc2. I never said however that blizzard loves their community, just that I love their game. The new battlenet will be nice though.

Boody-Bandit3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

I never thought Bungie would go multiplat. I cant see how anything mentioned at E3 can top this. IMHO this is the biggest news this generation and quite possibly the past decade in gaming. As far as a company being exclusive and now going multiplat. The only thing that is equivalent to this would be if somehow (I know it cant happen but I am just using this as the only example of this magnitude) Polyphony Digital went multiplat.

This is Microsofts bread and butter title. I know they will do everything they can to carry on the series but will it be the same? Substitution, no matter how talented, rarely is as good as the original. Bungie has flat out said said they wont make another Halo. I don't think it's a matter of money. I think they just want to move on.

This is just megaton shocking!
I expected something like this from E3 but not several weeks before.
As a multi console owner I am excited to see what Bungie will now do but I cant help but be honest here guys and say I am a little taken back / remorseful that Reach will be the last Bungie made Halo game.

Now I am even more excited to see what will be unveiled at E3. Bungie had to be working on this new title of theirs for some time now. I wonder if anything will be shown at E3 regarding it. Either way it should make for one hell of a show!

badz1493004d ago

this is HUGE no doubt about it but for once, it's the 1st time ever since Bungie became a big player in the industry that it's not about Halo! for those comparing this deal with what happen to IW, you're way off the mark! IW and all their properties is owned by AV and MW is AV's as well! this is just publishing right, and it's not Halo! seeing as I'm not a fan of Halo and I hate AV, Bungie still will not see my money going to them! but I can see many are looking forward to this new IP! I just wish them the best!

Lich1203004d ago

If PS3 owners are truly a more mature crowd (and I believe this to a certain extent) I make the following conjecture:

PS3 fanboys, and the way they handle arguments and confrontation, are painfully similar to the Tea Baggers here in the States. When they're on top (ie. Bush Administration / Bungie goes multiplat) they don't care when people disagree because they "know" they're right, plus they're on top. When they're on the bottom (Obama / 360 has more units sold) then everyone is against them like some conspiracy. It's like they have no recollection of the past. It's almost like ps3 fanboys are as good at what they do as FOX news. Which is impressive.

360 fanboys just act like 12 year olds. Theirs no logic to their illogic. That kinda sums them up.

Also note, Im talking about fanboys, not just owners of one system. So if you just own either a PS3 or 360 Im not calling you out. Also Ill probably get a boat load of disagrees on this one since Im attacking a political group by tying them to a separate group who likely don't share similar interests. Not to the mention just the people who legitimately disagree with this silly, off topic, rant.

EvilBlackCat3004d ago

There is Gamers and Fanboys and damn the majority here are fanboys and guess who lead the pack? Sony PS3 Fanboys.

NOW they love Bungie and Activision LOL Hypocrites.

shayol33t3004d ago

This is a sad day for gamers all over, even those of the ps3 variety. Granted I have both an 360 and a PS3 but activision is a soulless bastard of a company and it disturbs me that the community manager thinks "its only the internet". The place where people, you know, share their opinions freely due to anonymity.

corneliuscrust3003d ago


Finally someone calling it like it is. It's not meant to offend, it's to try and open peoples eyes.

It doesn't have to be this way, guys. We dont HAVE to feud over every little thing!!

Bungie is known for some great games (and some not so great, IMO) and it's awesome to see them out on their own and not under the thumb of MS. Here's hoping Activision doesnt crush them like they did to IW. And hopefully Gearbox (rumour) will have some luck continuing the Halo universe.

Raz3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

The possibility of Activision working with Bungie on a Starcraft console game? How awesome would it be to be able to build bases and gather resources; with Halo-style FPS playability? Hose down some Zerglings with a Gauss rifle and stimpaks as a Marine; or some poison spines, claws and teeth as a Hydralisk; or energy armor and warp blades as a Protoss Templar.

Just throwing that out there as something good that might come out of this..


I wouldn't say "mixed fan reactions" about 90% dissaprove. Bungie may lose alot of hardcore fans over this. EA, Capcom, THQ, UBI or any other would have been a much better choice, Activision is destroying gaming.

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mittwaffen3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Just the!

They already have that heartless corporate mentality!

aviator1893004d ago

Wow, Bungie. You're already starting to sound different no matter how much talent you have. Loyal fans =/= "Just the Internet"

badz1493004d ago

AV's attitude is starting to take action! I just hope the agreement doesn't include being a DOUCHEBAG like the publisher!

thebudgetgamer3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

shame really.

edit: i just want to clarify, i dont mean every 360 owner. i have a lot of respect for a majority of them. plus i am one.

ThunderSpark3004d ago

when they killed PS3 owners over the third-party Square Multi-platform deal?

Payback is a B*tch.

mittwaffen3004d ago

But it isnt because they left or anything; I dont mind that. I mind that they went to Activision of all places; its bad news for anyone.

The worst publisher for the interest of gamers.

thebudgetgamer3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

i have always respected bungie because of how good they are with their fanbase.

Fishy Fingers3004d ago

Activision obviously offered them something they couldn't resist.

We dont actually know the in's and out's of the deal and lets not act like we know what's better for Bungie, than Bungie themselves.

Orange Juice3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

It had to be quite the lucrative deal if they went to activision, so I think people should wait and see how this project unfolds before throwing anyone, especially a proven developer, under the bus. It just wouldnt make sense to put themselves into an uncomfortable position with their publisher for the next decade.

Kratos Spartan3004d ago

"Activision obviously offered them something they couldn't resist"

What could Acti offer that Micro couldn't? Certainly not money as Microsoft's funds are virtually unlimited. Maybe respect? More creative freedom perhaps? Although I do agree, only Bungie knows what's better for them.

van-essa3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Activision offered them "multiplatform" and. Besides, apart from the "big 3" and Acti, whose else could fund and market a Bungie game as it deserves?

And since they want independence and multiplatform developement, Activision seems to be their only choice.

GiantEnemyCrab3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

I don't think 360 owners are throwing them under the bus as more they are disappointed and concerned about their new publishing buddy.

Many are hating on Acti for the IW situation and now today a lot of folks seem to have a different Activision opinion. I'm reading lots of "can't wait" while just the other day everyone is swearing off Activision.

I know they are only publishing one game but who knows what is happening behind the scenes. IW was one of my favorite devs of all time and what happened with them I blame Activision and Bungie IMO did a deal with the devil.

DARK WITNESS3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )


I don't understand why some people are finding it so hard to understand what is going on and why people are upset/worried..

The problem is not bungie going multiplat - was that not the whole point of them going independent. As far as we know the only agreement they had was along the lines of MS get first choice on IP's they are making and if they are not interested bungie can do what they like.

The problem is not the fact that they are going to make games for the ps3 - again, by virtue of the fact they went independent surely anyone with half a brain would have seen this happen at some point.

The problem is not losing Halo - again we have not lost anything. it has been common knowledge know for the last year or so that everything halo related would be handled by 343 industries..That is their sole purpose and reason for being!
How much clearer could this get !! Bungie have said this is their last halo game ( sure we know they have said that before ) and ya even that is subject to change, but it is very clear that halo is owned by MS. Will it be the same without bungie.. who knows but for a long time PS3 fans have been trashing halo and bungie and saying the game needed a change, well maybe a new studio will bring that change.

The problem...THE REAL PROBLEM... is that of all the publishers they could have signed up with, they signed up with Acti-F£$king- vision !! we have all seen the Sh$t storm that is MW2 go down the tube and the following treatment of IW, not to mention how they treated the cod4 fans before the games release. Of all the publishers they could have sat down at the table with, they sat down with Activision !

had it been Take 2, THQ, EA or anyone else I don't think it would have really been much of an issue - even if it was sony ( although this would be a huge slap in the face to the 360 fans ) at least we know Sony look after their studios.

in the end it's just one IP, who is to say bungie don't have other IP's they are working on with other publishers. People are just upset because we have all felt the impact of activisions management of devs and their IP.

I still love bungie but still don't want to support activision in any way at all.

we will just have to see how this plays out. I am sure bungie have not been stupid and have made sure they got the best deal they could and covered all their bases, But I am sure if you had asked IW a year ago they would have said the same thing - now look where they are ! I hope you know what your doing bungie.

Nevers3004d ago

I agree. Devil's deal. One can ONLY hope this is good for gamers. Joing Activision, makes me doubt that it will be good for us though.

Orange Juice3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

You really are being hasty, maybe acti has completely different terms with bungie than they do with everyone else. Look at Blizzard, developer of my favorite franchise of all time Starcraft. They get all the time and money they want because of the caliber of unique ips, and probably under terms of the buyout.
I'm positive that bungie is not going to produce a sh\t product, it will be well funded and marketed. As long as you are a fan of games, I dont see whats wrong with that.

And IW isnt even comparable to the bungie situation seeing as how in activisions eyes they have a carbon copy of IW(treyarch). These are unique developers we're talking about, not IW.

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ElementX3004d ago

I don't mind this move, however they could've picked a more respectable publisher than Activision. I played Halo 1-3 and I had fun. Even though I don't own a 360 anymore, I still think fans should loosen up a bit.

ThunderSpark3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Waiting to see what they come up with.