Alan Wake: Building the Technology

Detailed new video analysis of Alan Wake.

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aviator1892883d ago

No wonder the environments are so atmospheric.

mittwaffen2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

I almost need to go out and pre-order it; rewatched it a few to many times already..

AnttiApina2883d ago

Hopefully they will continue doing the RDR style trailers.

The real killer2883d ago

I love the atmosphere of the game, but that's al.

But it cost allot of the graphics aspect, i don't know about the gameplay of this game, but that's must be see when the game come out.

ikkeweer2883d ago

ME2 didn't have one in Europe (atleast not my country), hope this one will (it's my most wanted game sofar).

Fanb0y2883d ago

Uh oh! Even with my unenhanced eyeballs, I could detect framerate drops when the camera moved through the scene quickly.

But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the weather effects.

IdleLeeSiuLung2883d ago

This video is the most awesome evar. Is it on Xbox Live?

EvilBlackCat2883d ago

i tough that it was going to be an Storm but no it just stop raining.

pick one if you need it >

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SKCShifty2883d ago

A Perfect game = Alan Wake and Graphically best looking game to date.

AnttiApina2883d ago

As far as I love Alan Wake, no game can be perfect, but it looks like to be a strong storydriven experience that will be remembered after many years.

cyborg69712883d ago

Ha you made a funny? The should change the title to "it took us five years to build the tech that makes sub HD". I might want to pick this and a 360 up, but for real these graphics aren't the best looking to date.

mittwaffen2883d ago

You think the games that 'bad' why even bother commenting?

Report his azzz!

JTX2883d ago

Hmm looks like HD to me. If it's sub hd then that's pretty bad that they made it look better than most hd games out there. Hd or sub hd either way it's going to be an amazing game.

cyborg69712883d ago

Mitteaffen report me for what speaking the truth? This is the open zone or maybe your a noob to n4g. I'm interested in this game but what tech are they speaking of it's 570p so stfu. And to jtx it's not hd and it will matter if you have a tv bigger than 32'' so you stfu as well. Phucking bots.

mittwaffen2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

You have no idea?

That slow eh?

Alright let me break this down to you in bits that you can handle. You dont walk into a NY yankees game and talk shiz about the team in front of everyone; you'd get the crap kicked out of you.

So, me reporting you is a substitute for that. You dont come on the 'Home' boards of the fans and start riping without expecting retaliation; your immature and childish comments arnt wanted on the internet.

Make your own article and have it talk about whatever you want.

JTX2883d ago

Me...a bot? Lmao I own a PS3 and have defended numerous PS3 games on this site. God forbid some people can be excited about a game thats not on the PS3.

cyborg69712883d ago

mitten let me break it down to a level your inbred @ss can relate to. I was responding the dbag two comments above my original, who was talking nonesense. And if you weren't reponding to me I'm sorry fir the harshness. But if you were phuck off and the yanks are a bunch of over paid bums. If there were a salary cap they would be tied for last place in the east with the pink suxs. And jtx if you know anything about me I'm interested in this game as well I've said it times before in other threads. And I have been here a long time but for the life of me I've never seen you defend a ps3 title. Mabye you have in the gamer zone. Like I said I was responding to someone who was fud. While I was speaking the truth which is nothing to be reported for like some little pu$$y. Can't take the open zone stay in the gamer zone loser ( mitten ).

likedamaster2883d ago

"A Perfect game = Alan Wake and Graphically best looking game to date."

I don't disagree with you.

Arnon2883d ago

wow... look at cyborg cry.

fullmetal2972882d ago

Hmm, all you seem to care and emphasis about is the game being subhd and ignore pretty much everything that the video stated. Have even bother watching the video at all? Metal Gear Solid 4 is in subhd and took at least the same amount of time to develop, and yet it manages to perfect score across the board. Let me give a short summary of what Alan Wake has to offer: Real time weather simulation (none of that pre-rendered bullcrap), extensive character light and animation; and near match clone of brightfalls using THOUSANDS of on location photos, hundreds of hours of video footage, and real time modeling. All these technology combined for goal in mind and that is make the most immersive and most memorable game this generation.

I really can't wait until this game comes out and the reviews hit the net so fanboys like you will shut up and be put into place.

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nilamo2883d ago

Holy **** that looks insane. Remedy are very passionate about their tech and you can tell a lot of love went into modeling their world. I LOVE the weather simulation it looks perfect.

Elven62883d ago

The tech behind Alan Wake is indeed impressive, I wonder how Remedy will use it for future titles or if they will be licensing it out to other developers.

Greywulf2883d ago Show
Elven62883d ago

I know that, I've played around with game engines before. I'm more interested in the engine itself, the implementation in Alan Wake so far is looking great.

Also, the game is kind of running in HD, only some effects are in 547p IIRC?

AnttiApina2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )


I actually thought your post was legit until I read the last sentence.
You are just giving yourself an image of troll.

2883d ago
Biggest2883d ago

How does that change the legitimacy of his post? Try this one on for size.

The president of the United States of America is Barack Obama. He is black.

While the ending statement may offend fanboys of another creed, the fact still remains that life is what it is. In this case we see that Alan Wake uses a game building engine. Many other developers have been doing this type of engine for years. Most people don't know anything about making a video game. So things like this seem more impressive than they may be. Uncharted 2 does it with the lights on all of the time.

See how I added that last part? Yeah, some people don't like Uncharted 2 because they're clearly racist. But that doesn't make anything I said untrue.

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PLASTICA-MAN2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Killzone 2 and LittleBigPlanet used even Ray-Tracing: a feature never seen in video games and impossible to achieve on any other processor exept the cell processor!

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