Implications of the Activision/Bungie Alliance

Today, as many of you are probably aware, the gaming industry was rocked by the announcement of an "alliance" between Activision and Bungie. Under the agreement, Activision gains the exclusive publishing rights to Bungie developed games for the next ten years. According to the statement, the deal will allow Activision to "distribute all future Bungie games based on the new intellectual property on multiple platforms and devices." The makers of Halo have been closely associated with Microsoft and Xbox since 2000, so the implications of this deal are huge - such as Bungie games coming to PlayStation 3, Microsoft closing one of its staple developers, and Activision's position in light of this.

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Kyll3032d ago

Man, I'm pumped for whatever they make >D.

ThunderSpark3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

I mean come on, Xbox 360's Bungie is coming to the PS3!

PS3 & Nintendo Owners: ha ha

360 Fanboys: We never liked Bungie, Halo FTW!

lociefer3032d ago

i srsly hope Activision dont fck it up this time

qface643032d ago

this partnership thing sounds familiar IW/ACTIVISION in the beginning
lets just hope it doesn't turn out the same way
as they say history has a habit or repeating itself or something like that

Government Cheese3032d ago


Actually the only people saying 'haha' are fanboys, and the only people trying to downplay this are.. yep, fanboys. No need to divide fanboys into 360 fanboys/ps3 fanboys. Its like dividing retards by hair color, it doesn't matter what color hair they have they are still retarded.

Will-UK3032d ago

so many articles on one subject, but it was a big shock

BTW:anyone got an idea what new n4g looks like lol

LEGENDARY PELON3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Boy i'am one of the many who is trully shocked with Bungies decision.

I couldnt of never expected this from Bungie.
They practically prefered $$$$ over their fanbase they had on the 360.

Bungie could of done something else other than Halo, but it should of remainded on the 360. For this reason, i can expect that many people are not going to buy Halo Reach no more "makes me want to cancel my pre-order"

Also, why did Bungie do this before the Halo Reach Beta?
Like i was so pumped up for the Beta, but this annoucement dropped all hopes!!

I wouldnt be surprised if Halo Reach doesn't end up selling much because of this, not because they wont like the game, but because of Bungie choosing $$$ over the true 360 fans!

Iam a true 360 fanboy, but i can pretty much say Game Over for the next 360, if theirs no Halo game made by Bungie. 343 is to take over, but iam more than sure that they wont be as good as Bungie. Like who can possibly make better Soundtracks than Marty O'Donell??

I wouldnt be surprised if a great deal of Bungie members transferred to 343 industries!

Also, is Bungie that dumb?? Cant they see how Infinity Ward ended up with Activision? Well, if Bungie ever tends to fall like IW did, I'am going to be more than happy, that way they will learn to be legit to a certain publisher.

FACT: If for the next generation 360, theirs no Halo game made by Bungie, the console wars could pretty much be all but done.

Microsoft better act quick and get Bungie working on like Halo 4, for the next Xbox, if they want to stay on top of the game!

Sitdown3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Perhaps you should rethink it...Microsoft's Bungie is not coming to ps3...check past news, and you will see some members jumped shipped, and have stayed on board with Microsoft's latest studio. In addition......for 360 fans, its more about Halo than Bungie...yes Bungie produced the game, but as long as Halo continues its tradition...most people will not care that much. But even with that said...from what we know, the agreement does not prevent Bungie from creating another Halo for the 360.....the agreement pretty much gives Bungie a publisher from jump no matter what kind of game they put together...instead of having to shop around during the production cycle.

Edit: Just out of curiosity, how did the ps2 crush the xbox? You mean in sells?...I thought the late arriving xbox did rather fine for itself in its first outing.

Hallmark Moment3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

"This is still the most downplayed day of gaming history
I mean come on, Xbox 360's Bungie is coming to the PS3!

PS3 & Nintendo Owners: ha ha

360 Fanboys: We never liked Bungie, Halo FTW!"


-We hated Bungie and Activision yesterday but today they are are hero's. We hated the FF13 dealings so this is our chance.-

You're loving and hating Bungie for the wrong reasons. Your real enemy

ThunderSpark3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

You're one to talk. You and every other diehard 360 owner have been trying to get payback on Sony since the PS2 crushed the Xbox. Final Fantasy 13 was your only chance and look how small that was in comparison to Bungie going multi-platform. 360 fans are literally about to kill themselves over this. Denial, damage control, suicidal thoughts. Just sad.

@Below: More like for the past ten years 360 fans have been over-hyping Bungie and now they're in denial trying to downplay the creators of they're supposedly best game on the XBox, Halo. (see what I'm talking about, these guys can't help but live in denial.)

Crazy Larry3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

I'm NOT saying this in a fanboy type of way (I own both systems)...but the fact is, for ten years now, Sony fans have been trash talking Halo and in the matter of just a couple hours, the mindset of all of them is a 180. What the hell Sony you like Bungie or not?

cmrbe3032d ago

1. The dev that was repsonsible for the xbox's single most important game and biggest game is using their experience to dev a new game that will be avaliable for the PS3.

2. Halo will have another competitor from the Halo creators them self. Yes. The people that made the gameplay and MP in Halo that you guys touted so much will be using that experience to dev a game on the PS3 as well

Downplay this all you guys want but i know it eat you guys up alot.

3032d ago
Elimin83032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Activision Screws up things with IW guys and then embraces another well known set of creative people? HMMnnnn me smells that was in the works for a loooong time..

No wonder the breakup was so easy and they 'Activ' didn't seem to care that the guys ' IW members ' were leaving..

My 2Cents....

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Sanrin3032d ago

Whatever they make better not be a Call of Duty game.

Kyll3032d ago

That would be hilarious xD

ShapelyChops3032d ago

I hope not, pretty much any CoD game is a bad idea right now...not that it would be right now.

GarandShooter3032d ago

They're not. They're making Guitar Halo.

Sorry...couldn't resist...

ShapelyChops3032d ago

What's that? The sound of Sony jumping for joy? I reckon so..

Parapraxis3032d ago

I'd imagine they are pleased, but seriously, don't over-estimate this situation.

With devs like Sony Santa Monica, Guerilla and Naughty Dog (to mention a few) They are already in charge of about 90% of the best devs in the industry.

Bungie developing a multiplat title that will be on PS3 is just icing on the cake.

Nicholas Cage3032d ago

i already have killzone 2 so personally i dont know about this "new ip" but i will give it a chance, i will check it out. maybe im wrong and the new game will be a blockbuster, why knows? i just want good games.

Fishy Fingers3032d ago

Implications? Article after article maybe.

GarandShooter3032d ago

Exactly. More sh!t to wade through on the front page of N4G to try to find the nugget of real news.

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