Next Bungie Title May Head To Nintendo Platforms

Nintendolife writes: "leaving the Halo universe behind, the developers are now set to branch out with a new IP set to release for multiple platforms, opening the door for Nintendo fans to experience a Bungie game for the first time."

"Although the initial announcement from Activision claimed the studio's next title would be available for "all platforms", Bungie president Harold Ryan said:"

"I absolutely believe there is a place in the world for the Wii. When you look at platforms and core competitive game experiences, it's probably not that, but as we go through this franchise we will look at every platform people play on."

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Nicholas Cage2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

if they put halo reach on the wii it would be interesting.
edit: its bungies next title right?

palaeomerus2944d ago

Nope. Bungie don't own the Halo IP anymore.

mikeslemonade2944d ago

Nintendo doesn't deserve Bungie. Please don't do it Activision!

vhero2944d ago

They would probably get a spin off version (like modern warfare 1) if not then it would only bring down the quality of the title for other consoles and lower profits and activision would NEVER do anything that lowers profits :).

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jay22944d ago

Erm no, they can't do a shooter for 2 yr old toddlers.

Smacktard2944d ago

They already did. It's called Halo.

TheColbertinator2944d ago


lol.I love Halo 1 but that was a good one

NotoriousWarrior2944d ago

@ Smacktard lol

but i hope they don't. might affect the games quality on PS3...o wait the 360 will hold it back...DVD9.

TheColbertinator2944d ago

Yeah I'm glad bungie is considering Wii and maybe DS as well.Still I hate Activision

SpoonyRedMage2944d ago

Have you seen that Halo DS prototype? Was that thing real?

I think I'd rather them make a cool (3)DS game than a Wii game to be honest.

Anarki2944d ago

I really hope they don't. Bungie is a talented developer. It would be such a kick in the balls to finally have Bungie awakened to create something without limits for it all to be limited again by Nintendo.

N4g_null2944d ago

So let me guess with out limits is a game on the PS3 right LOL. Or is it a game on the PC?

Arnon2944d ago

Of course it's the PS3. Lol at the PC. The PS3 is the greatest conception of mankind ever, forever.

Yeah... Anyway, there's nothing wrong with developing on the Wii. The console is damn good, and has great games when developers put their mind to it.

asdr3wsfas2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Man, like you even played Marathon or Myth. Halo is Marathon for third graders and Myth is the best real time tactics game ever. The console has limited Bungie to crap like Halo Wars for years.

The cell is so fast it can see through time.

asdr3wsfas2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

dbl post

N4g_null2943d ago

I would rather see what they can do on PC. The cell is very weak compared to what we can do with say a i7 and 4 gigs or ram extra and don't even get me started on dx11.

I saw why halo guys love halo so much, it was the features not just the graphics. I have to respect that because that's what most real FPS fans want. I'm not sure we will ever have real immersion.

I see brink on the PC and I love the features, and quake wars I love the features there also. They are complete games and have varying game play.

Why did quake wars not sell on the PS3 because it was not even half the PC game. No PS3 game has features like that game right now or game play like it or level design. If you followed halo before MS got their hands on them you had a game where you could zoom out to deploy your army advance wars style and you could scroll the ring landscape. Then you could join the battle to make sure your squad won. It also had some of the sickest concept art for a FPS i've seen in a while.

Seriously yes the HD console do look better but that is about it. The game play is slowed down because of it's short comings. It's great that they pushed such limited specs so far but game play is suffering and some really cool creation are being ditched because of it.

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