Splinter Cell: Conviction Review - Is Flawed Yet Fun | GoozerNation

Jason Trent with GoozerNation writes: "There was a very obvious effort to make the next title in the Splinter Cell series more palatable to the casual audience who may have been weary of entering this side of gaming. That's not to say that the game has been dumbed down to an extreme, but there are some compromises that have made this game appeal to a larger number of players."

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retrovertigo2913d ago

Please tell me that there's at least one point where the adversary, after being foiled again by Sam Fisher, raises his arms to the sky and shouts, "FIIISSSHHHHEERRRRRRRRRRR R!!"


azoriad2913d ago

Wow. It looks great. Can't wait to play

Jedward-2913d ago Show