Did the IW Royalties Go to Bungie/Activison Deal?

Mucudadada/Brandon Winfrey from GamesOnSmash writes: "Like you, I had no idea that this morning I was going to be greeted to the biggest gaming news of 2010. Bungie is going to Activision. After my initial shock from the news, I began to think about it a little more. Isn't it strange that Activision basically demolished its premiere FPS studio, Infinity Ward, a mere month and a half before this announcement? Could they have been paving the way (fiscally and commercially) for its new partnership? There is something suspicious going on at Activision. Maybe it's time theorize as to what that something is."

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RadientFlux2884d ago

of course not, IW Royalties were snorted up Kotick's nose

rroded2884d ago

wouldnt put nothing past activision scum tho lets hope they burn in court when IW takes em to the cleaners.

hakeem09962884d ago

Why make an article about something so dumb

PRHB HYBRiiD2884d ago

tomorrow the next call of duty debuts...right??