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psman0123002d ago

Okay update. Might check out the LBP costumes.

DJexs3002d ago

for sure specially because I only have a little over 3usd left all i can get is lbp stuff

Cheeseknight283002d ago

Time to finally download the Pixeljunk 3 in 1 pack. Meant to do that so long ago, but now there is no reason not to.

despair3002d ago

agreed i've been holding out for a sale of some sort and now its here so no excuse not to get it now.

Esena3002d ago

Pixel Junk Shooter - $5! I was waiting for this day :)

Redempteur3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

it's weird i'm pretty sure there was no new content in the download only release of agarest ...

So ..they cut things to give as dlc ???

or maybe they are the extra of the spécial japan edition ??

Anyway i dislike Dlc items and dlc experience points in these kind of games ..

nnotdead3002d ago

i will get the MAG update, and maybe pick up some Pixel Junk stuff

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