GrE Reviews: Greed Corp

GrE writes, "Themes emphasizing the evils of industrialization have long been the focus of numerous works of literature and obese, Michigan-based documentary filmmakers. It would take a special vision to attempt to tackle the issue in an interactive media. Greed Corp manages to do just that, without forcing players to tolerate the doldrums of a history textbook or the obnoxious screech of narration that can only be produced from years of Napoleonic syndrome and one too many blunt shots to the head. A work of art this is not, but it might be competent enough to earn Michael Moore's celebrity endorsement.

Since the dawn of warfare there has always been a delicate balance between the opposing armies and a finite amount of resources. Now imagine that you could forgo trying to find abandoned gold and/or gas mines, because the resource was the very ground you are standing on. That's right, in Greed Corp mining minerals actually erodes at the land under your feet. To make matters worse, after mining your own land for any extended length of time, the platform crumbles to pieces, leaving any poor bastards marooned there to plummet to their utter demise..."

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WiFi Pirate2999d ago

Not really sure this game is something that would keep my interest.

ammonator2999d ago

It wouldn't hold my interest long either, but it sounds like something worth experiencing. Maybe I should find someone who has the game so I can play it without having to pay for it. :)

roblef2999d ago

I thought this game did a poor job of bringing players in, but once you spend a little time with it, you can see the strategy and really love it.