Sony, MS and Nintendo at E3 07: Analysts size up big three

handful of industry watchers share their reactions to the news from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.
The E3 Media and Business Summit kicked off with press conferences from Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony each dropping their own salvo of bombs (be they poorly told jokes or big announcements).

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kewlkat0073908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

even though he does have a point but it could go either way with the warranty news. Fixing the problem is what MS should be doing. we seen signs of a fix but, not sure if the fix have been confirmed. A price-cut will still come,I think at the right time.

Like I said, Sony sill haven't convinced me to buy a PS3. Neither have gamers on this site. Games that were most talked about were FPS's.(who would of thought eh.) (KZ2, Haze, COD4, UT3) With the Exception of KZ2, which won't even be in the mix come this holiday season, they all will be on the Xbox 360 much sooner than later.

The wii, showed some games I'll probably get, since it's been a while I played my wii, SSSB,Mario Kart and Mario galaxy for me. Nintendo is showing there is more to this gamers market than hardcore gamers, and it will appeal to those while doing just that.

-The Wii needs more 3rd-party.
-Microsoft has got and showed plenty
-Sony's first-party is still the real deal.

Thats it from E3.

Rhezin3908d ago

I think the Wii's conference was the best, even though I don't own one, but I will now after seeing Wii Fit, THAT will sell, playing games and losing weight, f!ck yah. I'm actually hoping the Wii comes in first that way there won't be that bitterness between sony and ms fanboys.

SWORDF1SH3908d ago

i think sony won e3. wii is jus gettin lame now. we need proper gaming which the 360 and in the near future, the ps3 will supply. sony stole the show for these reasons. little big planet, metal gear solid 4, killzone 2, hevenly sword. drakes fortune, unreal tournment exclusive announcement and a not so big announcement of psp slim. what did people get excited about over wii? yep, wii fit. jeez why do people like the wii. honestly.

sticky doja3908d ago

mainly because it is fun, and you dont have to be a master gamer to be good at it. My 4 year old nephew is really good at tennis and bowling and has a blast, not as good as me but he can beat both of his parents and most other adults. I like it personally because I know there are gonna be some killer shooter games, and I like to play games differently every once in awhile. Virtual console brings back memories as well, without having to go to a pawn shop or ebay and hope for the right price.

30ROCK3908d ago

No one cares that it had Wii Fit which will sell to fat people. Killzone 2 or MGS4 would probably outsell it. GT5, Halo 3 and GTA4 definitely will.

Sony's first party is so far ahead of Nintendo's now it's not funny. Good job on turning your back on fans. Did you guys know Animal Crossing isn't even announced. Neither is Pikmin. And TP? Yeah, that might be the ONLY Zelda on Wii ever. (Check Miyamoto interviews on IGN)

Enjoy your non-games Wii fans. Oh, and those 3 titles coming this year which will be totally overshadowed by PS360 games.

airjordan93908d ago

you know, i'd rather do yoga on real mat with real people and a real intsructor rather than on a video game mat. it's just not that appealing to me. as an exercise buff, i can say that exercising in real time will be more beneficial than using Wii fit.

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